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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wow accessories!

Here you go sweeties! The images of the feature done on "handmade.fabulous.fancified" accessories as printed in the "Women's Own Annual Issue 2011". *Click* on the images for a larger view. Love you all for your support, unconditional love for the accessories I make and for being there at all times. I guess none of this would have ever been possible without the fans who love my work so so much. I thank you all VERY much! Please pray for this tiny little brand that it keeps on spreading smiles and love with precious little goodies.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Long time.....no blog!

Its been a longgg time since I last blogged or for that matter been active online here or on the Facebook page. Reasons are many but the foremost reason was that my internet connection had died. Sad! But true! So then after a week of having no internet I finally managed to get the connection working with no effort done on my part, it was mostly my dad and the internet people making rounds to get the connection working. However now the happier me sits here and blogs while things are passing by at a relatively slow pace.

I finally got the jpeg images for my work being featured in Women's Own Annual Issue 2011.......they are yet to be uploaded. Lets just say my almost dead internet has come to life but isn't all alive and kicking at the pace it should be. So hence maybe some other day I will upload the images for all the people who haven't had a chance to see the feature. :)

Apart from that a large portion of my day these days has been devoted to cooking. Yes cooking. I love to cook but the past one year has been crazy I never found time to brush up on my cooking skills. With brush up another new adventure or you can say an old interest which I dug up and got working on it is "Oil painting" Another one of my favorite things to do. Cooking + painting = Bliss!!!! It can't get any more relaxing can it?

So what's happening on the work front you wonder when I am busy with masala's and oil paints? Work does go on....but in a more muted manner. Not at the full on overdrive pace as it is was but its still pretty much coming along at its own pace. A bunch of KPs gone home this week which were started again as my fans wanted me to work on Kolhapuris again irrespective of the quality issues. Oh well then who am I to object right? :D

I am currently taking the Kolhapuris at a very slow pace. Thats because I don't want to clutter my head and my room with orders, pick ups, stock lists, etc. as it would in return affect my creativity. I would rather make two pieces a week and enjoy creating them than to make loads of KPs and exhaust the creative little me.

P.S will be uploading a few pictures of my new little adventure. The canvas which sits in front of me while I update this blog........till then love, smiles and duas coming your way...... :)