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Friday, May 25, 2012

So what comes next?

Blog post! Yes a blog post. Been ages since the last one because I had nothing to write. As I sit here writing up this post its post 1 pm and its the blessed day of Jummah. The day which feels like its filled with Noor. I seriously find it so much more calm as opposed to many other days. AlhamduLillah!

Its been a while since I have been away from creating anything new. A long hiatus. Been in hiding for some time work wise but not totally moved to being non existent. Those who do not know I was and still am the girl behind "Smiling.under.the.blue.sky." (
https://www.facebook.com/smilingunderthebluesky), my second home on Facebook. Initially started as a Tumblr page last Ramadan to help me out with a not so even phase in life and later on it moved on to becoming a page on Facebook. Its a part of me that stays with me irrespective of if I'm working or not because this page is dedicated to my Deen and that shall Insha'ALLAH always be my strength. Ameen!

So now what's coming next? What is all the hype about on my handmade.fabulous.fancified. page? Yeah been getting guesses from you guys but its something I can't announce right now. Why? No its not really an advertising stunt but in fact the only reason why I am not disclosing what the newbie line is cause I still do not know how the initial pieces will turn out to be.

Its a new technique that I want to work on and Insha'ALLAH if things go according to plan then I might really have something pretty to work on.

So basically right now the status of the newbie line is:

-Ordered supplies from abroad.
-Awaiting the supplies as they still haven't reached here.
-Stocking up on the basics that I need once the supplies reach.
-Working on designs that I shall need.

So once the supplies reach then it will take about a week or less to process the pretties and then Insha'ALLAH you guys will get to see what it has been all about. I just need major duas that once the supplies arrive they work the way I want them to work. Trying out new techniques has a 50 percent chance of creating something awesome AND a 50 percent chance of .....well........(let's not think of that).....

Nervousness, excitement, jitters and butterflies have all found a new home. Me!

P.S you guys can win a freebie! One lucky soul gets to grab a free customized something from my newbie line Insha'ALLAH by telling me what to name my new page which we can call home for the newbie line. Here is the link where you can give in your entries and you might just win. (https://www.facebook.com/handmade.fabulous.fancified/posts/343531442381390)

Lots of duas from me to all of you. Fee Amanillah!

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