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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The last weekend we have.......

This is officially the last weekend we have before the Launch. And it seems like we have totally forgotten what a weekend feels like in the past one month. Maybe a month ago if someone had asked us we would have told them how lovely weekends are but right now we havent seen the face of one for while. Infact just yesterday me and F, my business partner/sister/cousin/designer were discussing that maybe after the Launch we will come back into this world because currently the only three things we see in our lives are Kolhapuris, threads and needle boxes and each other. So after the exhibition maybe we'll realize that alot of things have happened around us. Like maybe one of us has shifted houses, or maybe a huge sky scrapper was built right in front of our place and we would not even know about it until after the exhibition.

Okay so F has been handling and running around with all the work of the clutch bags, and plus shes helping out with the Kolhapuri section too. And I can hear her coughing her head off right now because shes got the flu.

From wholesale issues to mishaps to getting wrong things in orders and then thinking up of a plan B for the mishap and again starting from scratch. This last week is going to be absolutely crazy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Work and work and did I mention work? Losing our minds......

Okay so that countdown to the exhibition has already begun in our minds. With the venue set and the posters and alerts all up and the hype building up, we are literally losing our minds behind the cool image we put up when replying to people and talking about the exhibition. Its so hard staying calm when you have so much to do, but its all a part of the game. When you want to make it big or even somewhat of a difference anywhere, you need to put in a good bit of hard work into it.

More than us its our parents who are a bit nervous and more on the scared side because they think we wont be able to do this. We hear them screaming from time to time that "HOWWWW will this ever happen? You guys have so much work pending and look at you? Its just not going to get completed in time."

And we on the other hand are maybe in denial or are maybe at times a bit more optimistic of the whole situation than our parents =)

Love ya all and keep praying for us! Until the next post.........take care!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Launch!

Okay the venue and dates have been finalized. Here it is. Our big day!!! Our Launch!!! We are nervous.......practically dead tired and totally amplified. Its a mixture of feelings beyond explanations. There are days when we think we might not be able to pull off such a big launch and there are days when we feel like this is it! THIS IS OUR LAUNCH. So whatever we feel, no matter how much work we put in and sleepless nights we have.......YOU guys can make it worth it. Do come to our Launch Exhibition on the 6th and 7th of November 2010 at The Forum, Clifton, Karachi.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


 The new us! We have the brand name finalized. Previously what was known as "hera k accessories" will now be known as "handmade.fabulous.fancified". It is a long name but I think it goes so well with the jazzy world of accessories.

Today we will have the venue and date of our launch exhibition finalized. With all this set....... we still have sooooooooo much more to do!!!!! Pray for us people! And love our collection which is on the way.......

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New name, new people, new US!

Things have been so so busy that I'm kinda getting a bit.......delusional.....is there such a word? Seriously I got up one morning a few days ago and I thought to myself that Wow, I've been sleeping for so long this evening! So basically right now my judgement of day and night has been messed up with working late nights, waking up late in the morning and then running around the whole day.

Okay moving on to "brand talk". We are changing our name. The new name hasnt been deicded yet but with my new partner I dont think Hera K accessories is good enough because then where is my sweet little partner's name in this. So we want a totally new name. Soon the new name and logo will be revealed. Any ideas for names which have H and F both in them. I thought up of "handmade.fabulous.fancified". What say bloggers? Do you think it would work as an accessory brand name? Let me know ideas. We need something!

And yes we are officially launching in November with our first ever launch exhibition. Not the ones that I've been doing solo at home just for family and friends. This is the real thing. The details will be posted up soon. I will post up the launch exhibition poster here and on our Facebook and Offstreet links. So keep checking and do drop by and shop and meet us! =D

Okay I shall leave now but hope you guys have awesome days ahead and lots of smiles coming your way. Until I post again....... =)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Exhausted and amplified!

  I know I haven't been too loyal to the blog these days. However with so many queries to attend to nowadays MashAllah, the last thing I feel like doing is typing. Okay so things have really really gotten better. How? We are growing as a brand. Wooohooo!

The following things have been completed in the past week or so......

- Getting the store set up on Offstreet. A big shout out to Divaa who adviced me to do so.......thank youuuu.......you rock!!

-Getting myself somewhat of a business partner/ helper/ advisor/ co designer/ crazy person who could take things up to the next level with me. So presenting my partner in crime, my business partner.....F!!! Yeah the same one who is posing in the pictures.

-Getting to plan out things in order. I am very messy when it comes to keeping records because I have doodles all over my diary and planner. Its like pages of a language that only I can understand because all my orders, things to do, things to buy, bills, pending money lists, everything is like all over the pages in no order and at times with no date on them. So I got myself organized that way.

-Our Facebook group is growing, and our Offstreet followers are too. Yayyy!

Okay to all of you guys who keep on asking where our outlet is. A smaller step towards that is being taken. We are InshAllah soon going to have a proper outlet and not be a home based business as it will then become easier for you guys who want to buy and for us to showcase our new products. Plus an outlet means being out there in the market for real.

So me and F have been running around like crazy the whole day planning and getting things into order. Okay I am exhausted and I need to go sit down and do nothing for a while. Love to all my customers and people who love my work. Take care guys! Hope to blog soon.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Rust-ic ones!

So here is the latest pair. Rust suede with beads, stones, everything on it! Basically I go with instinct when it comes to choosing colours, beads, stones, etc. I dont really think. Just whatever feels right at that moments is on the Kolhapuri.

These days have been hectic when it comes to work. Not only have I been at it in all my free time but also because promoting a new brand is kinda not as easy. I've been going crazy bombarding Facebook, Offstreets, friends, anyone I can find about the brand. Well you know all the famous brands out there probably didnt get famous over night.

However sometimes I think to myself what do I want to achieve? Is it being a huge brand name with people rushing and squashing each other at my exhibitions? Or is the part where I dont have to work like hell in a 9-5 job and yet earn? Or is it the creative pleasure? I think for me it has to be all three. Yeah Im greedy =P Actually my work for me takes up different meanings and roles at different points of time. I am not an ambitious person. Extremely laid back and lazy is what my friends would describe me as if you ask them. I wasnt really the sort who would want a full on career but here I am doing something that I love to bits!

So basically my work for me is my identity when it comes to telling people who I am. My work is my achievement, a mental C.V so to say where I note down what all I have achieved and created till now. It becomes my saviour on my needy rainy days ;) and above all its my way to relax. I know its something I will keep on doing and its something for which I dont have to miss out on anything. My kinda job!

This pair is a Size 9. Click for details

My much pending post.....

Ever since fall started I always wanted to do a colour report post. Usually we always keep on wondering what colours to wear this season and what goes with the fall/winter look. Though its never a hard and fast rule of which colours to wear and which not to wear. One can always go with their personal favourites. However its always nice to try out one or two colours of the season. You might actually like them on yourself and get compliments.

So at the top of the post you can see the Pantone Colour Report for Fall 2010. I love the colours. I think its so good that they have vibrant colours for the season. Having just darker hues would be so boring and dull. I am personally in love with Lagoon, Living Coral and Woodbine. Awesome combination!

So currently Im working on an Orangish Kolhapuri. Rustish I guess. Anyone likes the colour rust? Do let me know!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We are now on My Offstreet! Officially!

Okay I know I havent been posting much. It seems like I'm handling so many things at the same time that most of the time even I forget where I've posted and where I havent. I guess thats what happens when you're trying to climb up the ladder and fast.

Anyway so my baby brand is now on MyOffstreet as well. All those who want to check out more products, prices and whats new, click on our myoffstreet link. HERE.