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Friday, October 8, 2010

Exhausted and amplified!

  I know I haven't been too loyal to the blog these days. However with so many queries to attend to nowadays MashAllah, the last thing I feel like doing is typing. Okay so things have really really gotten better. How? We are growing as a brand. Wooohooo!

The following things have been completed in the past week or so......

- Getting the store set up on Offstreet. A big shout out to Divaa who adviced me to do so.......thank youuuu.......you rock!!

-Getting myself somewhat of a business partner/ helper/ advisor/ co designer/ crazy person who could take things up to the next level with me. So presenting my partner in crime, my business partner.....F!!! Yeah the same one who is posing in the pictures.

-Getting to plan out things in order. I am very messy when it comes to keeping records because I have doodles all over my diary and planner. Its like pages of a language that only I can understand because all my orders, things to do, things to buy, bills, pending money lists, everything is like all over the pages in no order and at times with no date on them. So I got myself organized that way.

-Our Facebook group is growing, and our Offstreet followers are too. Yayyy!

Okay to all of you guys who keep on asking where our outlet is. A smaller step towards that is being taken. We are InshAllah soon going to have a proper outlet and not be a home based business as it will then become easier for you guys who want to buy and for us to showcase our new products. Plus an outlet means being out there in the market for real.

So me and F have been running around like crazy the whole day planning and getting things into order. Okay I am exhausted and I need to go sit down and do nothing for a while. Love to all my customers and people who love my work. Take care guys! Hope to blog soon.


ReeBz said...

WOWOWW best of luck !! u should annonce some special offers for your early readres including me :D better if you announce some give aways :D

lilac_limelight said...

i've been through ur blogs (still browsing) and extremely pleased to see a huge hand made variety, actually loved em' all.
wonder if u think to work on hand-made bags? its another new era u would love to indugle in.

& as i'm going through, i fell like ur words evoke the very inner me, the creative me whome i always scold, always get angry ... i don't know why i've been giving it up all my life

hera k said...

Reebz: Yeah sure why not! My blog readers have been there before anyone else was there to back me up with my work. I love you guys to bits! So all my awesome blog friends will get giveaways and free stuff!!

Lilac: Thank you sooooooo much! Yes bags is one area in which we still havent stepped. Basically once we are set up with this Kolhapuri/jewelry collection and get things sorted out then we'll definately move on to bags. It is in our list.
Being creative is fun!!! You should just go all out with whatever you want to do. If nothing else you make your own self happy =)

ReeBz said...

WowWWWww youuhoo m really jumping over chair with happiness :D
waiting for give aways :D:D

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