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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A few places worth a *click*.....

I love hopping through blogs, checking out different sites on the net and if you've landed here on my blog then I am sure you're just like me......a happy reader who loves to read blogs and find some awesome sites online....... so a smile and hello to you and also I present to you my tiny little list of sites that I have either bookmarked or I remember em so clearly due to everyday visits that I don't even have to bookmark em.....I have categorized em so that you can click according to your interest......

So my first category of must-visit sites is my Deen. Here are some blogs that I visit everyday to get a dose of Imaan boosters. I have found it through experience that our minds in this world are very forgetful, we tend to forget what is real and what is an illusion. So we need to refresh our minds everyday to keep a healthy Imaan. So here are some awesome sites which inspire me in so many different ways.....

http://smilingunderthebluesky.tumblr.com/ ( This is my own personal Tumblr blog where I collect the pictures and sayings about my Deen which inspire me and turn my attention towards Allah SWT)

http://ajarfullofdreams.tumblr.com/   (One of the best fellow Tumblr blogs that I have come across. I mean this blog is like a magical world for people who loves quotes, beautiful pictures and want to be inspired to be a better Muslim. I am amused by the collection of sayings and quotes that are present on this blog. Seriously......its love! If you love reading you will totally love this site)

http://ihavefaith.tumblr.com/  (This is the first Islamic Tumblr blog I came across 6 months ago. Got to it by randomly browsing blogs and I have not stopped following this one. Went through so many older posts for weeks because its such an awesome site)

http://poeticislam.tumblr.com/  (If you are like me......and pictures inspire you and move you...... then here is a blog belonging to two girls who are only 17 yet they know so much about Deen and I am in awe of their attachment to Islam. I am an absolute fan. Being so young and yet being so aware of the realities which we all tend to ignore. They have a gorgeous blog with pictures of mosques, places from all around the world, Ahadith and sayings and plus you can ask em anything to increase your knowledge and they answer.)

http://islamicthinking.tumblr.com/  (Another blog that I visit almost everyday. The best of inspiring pictures, sayings and quotes, Ahadith and what I love the most in this blog is the inspiring stories which are posted from time to time. If you've got a moment scroll through the older posts here and read a few......you'll get hooked to them in no time.)

http://islamicquotes.wordpress.com/   (Sayings of RasoolAllah SAW and the Sahaba, incidents from their lives, stories worth a read as they are so inspiring, its a must read blog even if you read a little a day.)

http://www.sayingsofthesalaf.net/  (As the blog title says this blog is dedicated to the sayings of the Sahaba and the first three generations of Islam. I love reading it because I feel the wisdom present in those times is somehow lacking these days. That immense faith on Allah SWT is not to be found today. Its really inspiring how the people then didn't have the access to knowledge we have today yet they really were much ahead of us in wisdom and insight.)


Now moving on to my favorite creative sites where I drop by when I have nothing to do or I am stuck in a block and cannot think up of anything......though most of these sites have nothing to do with jewelry or accessory making yet they are inspiring......

http://pinterest.com/   (Mostly all the creative people must be aware of Pinterest. Its like an all in all index of inspiring ideas. From cooking to Do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas, to home decor........its all there. You will get the hang of it after using it a few times but it is absolutely addictive so you are being warned.)

http://shabbyblogsblog.blogspot.com/  (Just looking at this blog inspires me. Oh and my blog template is from their site too, however this link leads to their blog not the site. This blog gives away awesome freebies for scrap-booking and online image editing as well. Its SUCH a pretty site.)

http://kevinandamanda.com/fonts/fontsforpeas/  (Are you just as addicted to hand-written fonts as I am? Are you? *smiles* then here it is. The best collection of handwritten fonts available for free. They are uber cool. However if you are using them for a business/commercial purpose then do write to Kevin and Amanda to ask for permission.)

http://anindiansummer-design.blogspot.com/  (I have been hooked to this site since the past 2 years and trust me it hasn't disappointed me once. Its an Indian site about home decor ideas from around the world and also the writer shares some awesome sites for shopping and ideas from time to time. It is a must visit if you're majorly into interiors.)


So there.......the first part of my must-visit links. Maybe I'll add some more to this list when I get the time and also as I discover more and more sites. Hope these sites inspire you as well. I should get going now as Eid is still here and today is another day of meeting and greeting everyone....... loads of smiles.......

Getting inspired.....

Hello blog....after so many months...

My last blog post was on July 18......been away from my blog since so long.....however its not like I've been too busy or so wrapped up in work.......no not at all........work has been slow but that's been a deliberate effort on my part to keep things slow rather than on full speed as I needed time off and plus I cannot work fulltime.....I need breaks.....to keep me in tuned with my inner creative self and keep myself grounded I take breaks from time to time as all my work fans know. I'd rather create one piece of jewelry or one Kolhapuri pair which I loveeee looking at rather than create bulk loads of things that do not make me happy or inspire me to do better......

Its Eid today.......the second day of Eid. I have never ever felt so close to Allah SWT on any of the Hajj seasons I have witnessed in my entire life as I have felt in this one. I have experienced my life and my own self taking a 180 degree turn in every sphere in the past 6 months. Yes the most prominent change thats comes across has been my closeness towards Deen and to Allah SWT and RasoolAllah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam.

I was glued to the television set this year watching the pilgrims perform Hajj and watching some of them cry during it......I never previously understood as in really understood with my heart that why people cry at times like these. Yes I knew that repenting makes you cry but to feel what they feel was difficult.

I know this blog has been about my work ever since it started but now where I stand nothing seems more important to me than this transition that I am going through. My horizons have shifted.....I can feel it that I no longer have that tunnel vision I had previously where what I felt was important......was so less and meaningless in real......

My talent to create accessories came from the One who has protected me, fed me, looked after me and been with me when no one else has. During the darkest of times when even work made me sad.......my Allah was with me. So how could I have a work blog and not have Him around anywhere......I am a no body......but He who is the Greatest........turned me into a tiny somebody by giving me the talent to make accessories......if 10 people know me today by name or through my brand......its has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him.....

Sometimes in life you need to drop down into the pits of no where to find that even in this no where.....the one light that you can see and the one force that keeps you going is......Allah SWT.....

Monday, July 18, 2011

My KPs......your dime.....who's responsibility?

Handmade.fabulous.fancified. loves its customers more than it loves KPs. Its true. You know how and why? Because here we take full responsibility of what we give to you. As said our product, your dime.....so who's responsibility? OURS!


We take full responsibility of our KPs. Yes we do. If you buy a KP from us then we don't forget you the minute you pick up your product and leave. You're still with us cause YOU are our precious customer.

You can avail our customer care service if ever any of our KPs cause any problems to you.
If you have a complaint regarding your KP then you have the contact number provided to you at the time of pick up, just give us a call on that number and register your complaint with us and we'll be more than happy to help out and fix your worry in no time! You can even email your complaint to handmade.fabulous.fancified@gmail.com

Services which can be provided to you within the warranty time* are:

- Fixing up of any problems that arise in your KP at any point, all free of cost. You just need to drop back your KP and leave the rest to us.

- If ever such a situation arises that within the stated time* the KP has reached a condition where it is non repairable then we give you a full refund.


* Warranty period of every KP is 5 months. You can avail our customer care services for free from the day you pick up your KP and the offer lasts until your KP has completed a happy time of 5 months with you.

* To get a full refund the stated time is 1 month. If within a month your KP has become a beyond repair article then you get a full refund and all your money will be returned happily :)

YOU're happy then we're happier!!!! Because at handmade.fabulous.fancified. we don't forget you the minute you leave our door!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 weeks later.....

Its been 3 weeks since I officially got back to work after a 2 month hiatus and now things are picking up. I like! I think things are going more smoothly this time around. Maybe its cause I have tried to keep things more organized this time. I don't spend as much time online as I used to previously though its tempting but I try to keep my mind off it. Also I have set a timetable for my working hours which was previously non-existent so that really helps as now I have time to enjoy my second love.....cooking!

Apart from that the work front has been affected by the city situation which at times does get depressing but then again there is still hope. I love it how Karachi never gives up. Its got a life and a will to live. After every bad day there comes a morning where life is so normal that you hardly believe that yesterday things were so bad. I love you Karachi!!!

Though the city situation has sort of shaken up my schedule as pick ups get delayed at times and stock doesn't arrive on time but hey, that's all a part of the bargain.

Days are rushing by so quickly and soon it will be Ramadan. Which makes me think should there be a separate KP collection for Eid? There should be one. I mean we deck up so much for weddings and spend loads and loads on every detail of the outfits we'll wear to so and so wedding then WHY NOT EID? I mean after all there are only 2 Eids in a year and since its a festival given to us by Allah we should be really really happy bout it. So yes there should be a collection for Eid.

These day a lot of people are sort of being judgmental about why the Kolhapuris present on the page have such high prices so I thought I would write a little note to the concerned. First of all your criticism is good as it will make me work harder on my designs and maybe the last KP of the week has not been as awesome as it should have. Thank you for the criticism Lovelies as otherwise maybe I wouldn't work so hard on the next design. =)

However for the pricing of the KPs heres what I have to say in a few lines....

Recently mostly everything has been touched by the price hike fever. Prices of the basic KPs that I get from my vendor, to the embellishement material, to the threads, etc. have gone up so hence it is understandable that the prices of my KPs will go up too. Secondly a simple example will be that everyone can bake a cake. Yet we go to a bakery or a special cake artist to get the cake we want. Why so? Its because these days when life doesn't give you even a second's rest, you want something which is instantly available and you don't have to take time out to create it. Yes you can bake a cake at home and it will be lesser in price than the one you buy from somewhere but it also means that you will have to spend that one day baking the cake instead of doing other things. Similarly hand embellished KPs can be made by you as well, but do you want to take out those 3 days working with the needle on a KP or buy it from someone who already knows the do's and don'ts of stitching up a KP. Yes the price will be higher but in the end you're getting a pretty KP, all stitched to make it last and you don't even have to work hard for it. You're not only paying for the KP but you're paying for those 2 to 3 days that someone has spent stitching your KP so that it is as perfect as possible, just for you. =)

I hope the next time around my design doesn't disappoint my fans on the page. I seriously love you all even if you criticize my designs because if you didn't maybe I would be flying a little too high for my own good. YOU keep me grounded.


Monday, July 4, 2011

A tiny guide to Kolhapuri care.....

The "handmade.fabulous.fancified.tiny guide to Kolhapuri care" is being written specially for our newer customers who are investing in a hand embellished kolhapuri for the first time. As a brand we feel complete responsibility of letting our customers know what our products are like and we don't want to make any false claims to make our products sell.

Basically our Kolhapuris are handmade and hand embellished. It is a fact that handmade things are not as tough as machine made things are. Leather is a material which will wear out with constant use and also lose shape with wear and tear. However there are certain things you can do to keep your KPs looking nice, shiny and make em last longer.

- Firstly if you are investing in a hand embellished kolhapuri then
remember handmade things are delicate so they need special care. Do not use your Kolhapuri roughly. Rough use will damage the Kolhapuri. So save it for special days as you would do with any other special shoe.

- At all times keep your Kolhapuri away from water. Leather will lose shape and become grungy if it comes in contact with water. You will end up with extremely loose Kolhapuris and the damage will be permanent so hence no KPs on rainy days.

-Beige colored KPs tend to get dirty very easily due to their color and start looking worn out way before time. So how to keep a beige colored KP shiny and brand new? Every time you use your KP, when you get back home and take it off try putting a bit of moisturizing lotion on a piece of cotton and wipe the base clean. This way the dirt gets wiped off and the leather becomes nice and shiny. ( Do not try this on dark colored KPs or else the color will come off)

- If you are not using your Kolhapuris then its best to keep them wrapped in a plastic/paper bag and stored in a drawer or cupboard. Kolhapuris piled up with other shoes may cause unnecessary tugging and pulling to them which is not good.

- Once in a while if you want you can dust your Kolhapuri base with some good smelling talcum powder (only a small dusting alright sweeties) to keep the KP smelling fresh and nice. 

We know from this post the KP sounds like a high maintenance sandal but this post is just to ensure that you make the most out of little piece of art, this little treasure that you buy from us......the handmade.fabulous.fancified. KP!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to order "handmade.fabulous.fancified." goodies?

Our  Kolhapuris! <3 love!

A big smiley hi to whoever is reading this note =D

This is a all new "how to order Handmade.fabulous.fancified goodies?" post because of all the queries of the new people joining the Facebook page and coming to the blog. Hence this is a new and improved note on how you can own a Kolhapuri pair from "Handmade.fabulous.fancified."

"Handmade.fabulous.fancified." is a tiny home based brand which makes hand embellished Kolhapuris and its an online business which means all orders booked are done through email as we do not have an outlet or stock anywhere else.

Every week a Kolhapuri is uploaded on the Facebook page and this is the "KP of the week" which means for that particular week orders will be booked on this particular KP. Limited orders are taken on each KP usually from 5 to 10 orders maximum. So if you land on our Facebook page and you like the KP of the week then check the last status message posted by the brand profile to check if there are slots available for orders or all orders have been booked.

So you land on the Facebook page, you check the last status message posted up by "handmade.fabulous.fancified." and it says that there are slots remaining then GREAT!!! Quickly send an email to handmade.fabulous.fancified@gmail.com to book an order slot. In your email include the name of the KP you are ordering for example "Velvet.love" KP. Also include your shoe size which you wear in normal everyday shoes, and your contact number so that you can be contacted when your KP is ready for pick up. Also mention whether you want the Kolhapuri in beige or dark chocolate color.

Once your email is sent then you will receive a confirmation email regarding your order. Usually your order will be ready within 7 to 10 working days and as soon as it is ready for pick up you will receive a text from us with the address details as to where you can pick up your KP parcel from. :)

Karachites can pick up their order from the address provided to them and pay in cash on the collection of their order. Meanwhile if you are not in Karachi even then, no worries, as when we contact you that your order is complete you can simply send a money order through the post. As soon as we receive your payment we will courier the items. However for courier services add an additional Rs. 200/- (or more depending on the amount of things you order) to your grand total and that will be a part of the payment you make to us.

Hope the instructions are simple and easy to follow for all our lovely fans! We love handmade things and we want you to love them too! Order one and you'll see how much you love it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Aww I missed you blog!!! *big fat hug to my blog*

The KPs......it was such an Oh em geee moment making KPs after sooo long!

It seems like ages I haven't blogged. About anything.......specially not about work. Maybe because there was no work to talk about. I had injured my finger joint back in April, which should've healed by now if I had let it, but I was not a good kid and kept on working with the needle hence my finger joint never got that break to heal. So now after a month of total rest, except for the cooking part which has made me a bit fatter (Thank you Allah Mian, I no longer look like a walking stick), I am back to making KPs. Yayyyy!!! Though taking things real slow right now, but posting up a KP in the ready to pick up album felt soo soooo good!!

First of all before blabbering any more I want to thank all of my fans who asked me through texts or by writing on the page wall about my injury and those smiley "Get well soon"s, it meant so much sweeties. Thank you so so very much. You guys are absolutely adorable and I am so lucky to have such fans of my work who take time out to write all those sweet things.....=D

Secondly a huge sorry to all those people who sent me queries, mails and wrote on my wall and I haven't been able to reply because I have hardly been online for long in the past one month and specially with not much work happening I hardly logged into my gmail. Apologies on my part!!!

So now.....its slowly and gradually getting back to work and reshaping H.F.F .........love, smiles and duas from me to all my lovelies!!

P.S the "handmade.fabulous.fancified." page has 1500 + fans......something I dreamed of when I started the page........and its now come true.......:D :D Alhamdulillah!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wow accessories!

Here you go sweeties! The images of the feature done on "handmade.fabulous.fancified" accessories as printed in the "Women's Own Annual Issue 2011". *Click* on the images for a larger view. Love you all for your support, unconditional love for the accessories I make and for being there at all times. I guess none of this would have ever been possible without the fans who love my work so so much. I thank you all VERY much! Please pray for this tiny little brand that it keeps on spreading smiles and love with precious little goodies.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Long time.....no blog!

Its been a longgg time since I last blogged or for that matter been active online here or on the Facebook page. Reasons are many but the foremost reason was that my internet connection had died. Sad! But true! So then after a week of having no internet I finally managed to get the connection working with no effort done on my part, it was mostly my dad and the internet people making rounds to get the connection working. However now the happier me sits here and blogs while things are passing by at a relatively slow pace.

I finally got the jpeg images for my work being featured in Women's Own Annual Issue 2011.......they are yet to be uploaded. Lets just say my almost dead internet has come to life but isn't all alive and kicking at the pace it should be. So hence maybe some other day I will upload the images for all the people who haven't had a chance to see the feature. :)

Apart from that a large portion of my day these days has been devoted to cooking. Yes cooking. I love to cook but the past one year has been crazy I never found time to brush up on my cooking skills. With brush up another new adventure or you can say an old interest which I dug up and got working on it is "Oil painting" Another one of my favorite things to do. Cooking + painting = Bliss!!!! It can't get any more relaxing can it?

So what's happening on the work front you wonder when I am busy with masala's and oil paints? Work does go on....but in a more muted manner. Not at the full on overdrive pace as it is was but its still pretty much coming along at its own pace. A bunch of KPs gone home this week which were started again as my fans wanted me to work on Kolhapuris again irrespective of the quality issues. Oh well then who am I to object right? :D

I am currently taking the Kolhapuris at a very slow pace. Thats because I don't want to clutter my head and my room with orders, pick ups, stock lists, etc. as it would in return affect my creativity. I would rather make two pieces a week and enjoy creating them than to make loads of KPs and exhaust the creative little me.

P.S will be uploading a few pictures of my new little adventure. The canvas which sits in front of me while I update this blog........till then love, smiles and duas coming your way...... :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Why wear "happy earrings"?

The final week.....this weekend it is......the first "happy summer earrings" exhibition. When I started off the plan I had in mind a HUGE number of 500 earrings for showcasing. Then it came down to 300. Then down to 200 and now its the top 100 earrings. *sheepish smile* Even though the response to the announcement of the exhibition and the teasers has been phenomenal but I wasn't too sure in the beginning as in how people would react to an earrings only exhibition. Which is why I jumped up and got hold of that 500 number flying above me and brought it down to a number easily accessible for me which is a 100 happy earrings.

Now why should one buy earrings? I mean you have all sorts of jewelry items but why happy earrings?

- An instant face lift. Trust me bright earrings mean your face instantly looks brighter and more fresh. Tried and tested by me. =) as bright earrings reflect their colors onto your face, all you need is pretty lip gloss and happy earrings to seem totally fresh.

- Happy earrings can be worn by all. They are extremely light weight. I have very sensitive ears so heavy earrings can be quite painful after an hour or two of wearing em. Hence its quite necessary for summer earrings to be light weight and they are =D

-You're a student? Great then grab one to wear it to university and add some fun to the long study days. These earrings will make you happy enough to endure the most boring of lectures ;) So put on your skinny jeans with a kurta and flaunt happy earrings.

-You're a housewife? Then too grab one to wear around as these days with the heat wave in full action and the lawn's making you feel light and fresh, get equally light earrings to go with your daily look. Even if you're running around with kids, chores, attending a lunch or doing all of the above, still these earrings will make you look gorgeous at all times =D

-You're a working lady? Then even, pair up a happy earring pair with a block printed suit and there! A perfect work look which will make you look like a person who knows what to do and what to wear.

-If you love earrings which go with everything, from jeans, to kurtis to lawn suits then you have these happy earrings for that. I personally like earrings which I can wear with almost anything I wear. The type of the outfit or the colors should not limit me. So hence these earrings look good with anything and everything.

- You don't love earrings? Maybe you haven't given much attention to them ever. They are something so not in your list of accessories. How bout a trip to the "happy summer earrings" exhibition for a change in opinion. Earrings can be fun, funky and can be very light. Its summer so why adorn heavy accessories?

Earrings can make any outfit worth it. Take a plain white suit and jazz it up with happy earrings......what do you get? I leave the results up to your imagination......


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Surprises and the tingles.....

First of all to start off the post there is a news beyond awesome, I wish I had a word to describe how great it is for me but I just can't seem to find it........WE GOT FEATURED IN WOMEN"S OWN ANNUAL ISSUE 2011.......as in me, my work and the teeny weeny brand I own "Handmade.fabulous.fancified."........*blush*.......*dance* so its been a week of major elation. Its been a dream.......a HUGE thank you to the team of Women's Own specially Sherazade Khan.......

So another awesome news, yes its really a week of news and announcements, is that "handmade.fabulous.fancified." is exhibiting. The first of two exhibitions planned for Summer 2011. This one happens to be an earrings only exhibition but looking at these beauties who can say earrings are any less pretty. They are adorable if you ask me. I love my box full of earrings and can't wait for the exhibition day so that others can see it too. MashAllah :D

So currently its work work and work......I totally forgot how much work goes into an exhibition until now......been creating earrings like crazy and I still feel I don't have enough.....maybe its the nerves and the tingles.......*butterflies all the way*

P.S its not only me exhibiting this time but its a joint venture. Its another sweet little brand FIZY'S ART *click* and fall in love with her handmade cards, notebooks, gift boxes, the works! And then there is COLORIDO CREATIONS BY SHAZIA *click* and see the colorful creations by this lady. Shes got some real colorful kurti's and embroidered stuff which is a must grab for the fashionistas out there.

So all of you out there who have seen my work online, on this blog or dropped by from the WOMEN'S OWN feature........drop by and see "Wow accessories" *wink* love you all and hoping to see you on the 30th of April 2011.......for address details and event details click the picture below.....

Much love and many smiles! Happy shopping and happy accessorizing......we shall meet soon.....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Talent is everywhere......yup even within you....

Have you ever seen a photograph and said to yourself that I so want to take pictures like these. Have you ever seen a card and though WOW it would be so great to make something like this, would be so much fun. Has a movie, a photo shoot, or a talk with someone ever inspired you to do something creative......even if you think you might not be that good at it? You know what made me create my first earring.....I bet they themselves don't even know....but it was a fashion show by Athar Hafeez and Sabeen in the Fashion Pakistan Week 2009. You can watch it on Youtube. The show got a standing ovation from the audience. It made me fall in love with colors. So I thank them for this, if ever they come across my blog. THANK YOU for such an inspirational show.

Many times I've been asked by people, my clients, my fans......how did you manage starting this business and do you have any tips? I am no business consultant but I am just another girl living across the street so I can only inspire people with my words. So if ever you've been inspired by something creative and want to have a go at creating something of your own......some tips that I follow in my work life......for all the lovely people reading this...

- Whatever you want to create, make sure it reflects you......just like there is no one else in this world EXACTLY like you, similarly your work should be different too. You can try an art like I chose handmade accessories, so you can choose to get inspired by techniques people use, or genres in general, but ADD something that reflects your style. Like if baking, come up with unique ideas of your own, trust me once you get thinking ALOT of ideas will strike you and you'll be making oh-so-different cakes in no time.

- Make a space on a social networking site or a blog and start posting up pictures of your work, your workplace, your supplies rack, whatever it is that you're doing in your new "work life". Trust me its the most fun part of pursuing a passion. Even if you think no one is reading, just spread the word to your friends online.....and trust me SOMEONE will be reading :D but give it time to bloom....

- Keep expectations low and talent on an all time high. Lets say you see a card somewhere, online or off the net, and you feel this sudden urge to start doodling and painting.....then do not keep profit in mind or imagine a wave of fans coming your way as soon as you upload your first creation.....keep your intentions clean.....get better at what you do by polishing your talent everyday and not caring about how much you are earning, or how many people are praising you. I know that matters too, but when you keep high expectations, you lose out on the pleasure of working with a free mind.

- Someone will not care to look at something they've already seen somewhere else. So if its photography you're going for, or like me you're into jewelry pieces, or you love to bake, whatever it is......it should be uniquely yours and people should take time out to visit your page just for the joy of seeing your work if nothing else.

- These days the internet has made the world so much smaller, ideas so much easier to grasp, inspirations come to us at a click. So why not click and get great ideas. I always look out for blogs, search up how-to posts by people, get in touch with people who are in the same field and ask them about materials, techniques and what they've learnt so far......its always good as you make friends along the way.

- Always keep an idea's diary, you never know when a great idea might strike so just doodle down whatever comes to mind. Its a great thing to look back to when you reach to much better heights in your venture because the ideas that come to you in the beginning of your work are always the most striking ones.

- When I am out of ideas I just go to the nearby beads store and just stand there and look around at things. My bead wala guy now knows I create earrings so he's not bothered about me just standing in the corner looking away at things (ofcourse people with me like say Dad, or a friend do get irritated). Its a good way to spark up your imagination. Stationery stores work just as well and so do lace shops.

- Never think never. Don't underestimate your talent ever. Theres nothing you cannot do. So what if you can't get out much, so what if you're housebound due to your duties at home, studies or other reasons. Just take the plunge and make atleast one piece you adore. Even if for yourself atleast make one painting, take one photograph, bake one cake or like me make atleast one pair of earrings and feel the joy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Let the excitement begin....

 Coming real soon.......the first dose of summer earrings.....the "happy summer earrings exhibition"........

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Earrings did have some "big shoes" to fill.....

Last week was a week of some major changes. A change which shook up my work schedule and my confidence in my work and creativity. No I am not referring to the Semi's or the World cup here, though yes the Semi's did bring in a change in me. However here I am talking about the BIG announcement I made about NO MORE KOLHAPURIS. It was a major step and a decision which made me shaky as well. I didn't know how things will move on after this major change, because KPs were one of the biggest attractions of my brand. However with extremely shaky legs I decided to move on from KPs to just jewelry pieces.

So a week later......how are things? My answer to that would be "So so good, like beyond expectations good." Alhamdulillah! I never knew earrings would be such a hit. I never thought my earrings had the capability to replace KPs, I mean they literally had big shoes to fill.....but they did so.

The "Exclusively fabulous" album worked beyond expectations too. With providing a ready to pick up range, not only are the clients happier that they can pick up what they see and wear it the same day, it also provides me with an on going work process. With orders, though I was always happy to see them, but there was a point where I couldn't keep up with things because of the amount of things I had to create, hence things were dragging and orders kept on pending for weeks. 

Also the inner artist in me was feeling down because of the orders piling up. No doubt the appreciation and comments and texts from the people who took their things after order completion took me to cloud nine but as an artist I was making the same things over and over again, and being so over loaded with orders, gave me no room to create something new. I didn't have any time to make a new piece.

I was very concerned a week ago that will I get the same love and appreciation that I got when I was making KPs with just earrings in the accessories range at the moment. Well......Allah Mian......THANK YOU.....Alhamdulillah.

So now lets get into overdrive with earrings. Lets make all the faces pretty with a pair of precious earrings......love from me to all of you!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lets get back to being fabulous......

So yeah I admit things have been slow on the work front, almost dead but not totally. With the last one week totally dedicated to cricket and what a week it has been. Its made me realize that a lot of times when we think our prayers go unanswered, they are actually getting answered and we don't seem to realize it.

This is my second blog post which isn't related to my work as this is officially my work blog. And ironically both this posts have been about a fabulous place called Pakistan. Love!!! I saw such a big change in the past one week, saw a spirit in every single Pakistani which I didn't even know existed, saw a unity which till now was unknown to me, and above all saw GREEN everywhere.

Though we didn't win the semi final at World Cup 2011, but in return to our non stop prayers on 30th March, we got a lot more in return. I never thought a lost game would bring us all so close, would make us love our team and our team captain Shahid Afridi to this extend and would make us welcome them all back home with such great words.

So in a way Allah did answer our prayers. We didn't win a match, but we won something a lot more than that. I am happy I belong to you Pakistan. The flag on the right hand side, is my pride.

We are a fabulous nation, we are a brave nation and above all we are a nation that gives up at nothing. Oh and we are a very creative nation. Yup! Which reminds me, now that I have time off from KPs, I have my first love back in full on swing. Work starts from today on another fabulous range of earrings. I so love earrings. Lots of new pieces coming up this week. I am excited so you should be too. Creativeness, awesomeness and fabulousness (I know there is no word as fabulousness) but for me there is. WE ARE FABULOUSNESS. All of us living in this Green and White flag's country.

So earrings will be served real soon. Freshly baked and ready for pick up!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A change!

Here comes the new logo, the new start to things. The tiny brand is transforming itself. Alot of people must be wondering why and how? Well basically change was necessary. I have been a die hard perfectionist all my life. I cannot stand when things I create are not nearly perfect (of course totally perfect is not a huma trait so I can get to nearly perfect only). I am not giving just a product to people, I am as a matter of fact giving them the right to comment on me, my work, and I am giving them the right to either make or break my name.

So therefore my work completely belongs to the people who are my fans, clients and above all friends. So I take all responsibility for anything I give out to a client. From a tiny pair of earrings to a bulk order. Each piece is my responsibility.

This is more like an announcement to all my clients who have loved the KP range at handmade.fabulous.fancified. and have wanted to own a piece. Currently I am discontinuing the KP range due to one main reason which is QUALITY. As I mentioned I am a quality freak, I will do anything to make my products nearly perfect. Basically in the past month or so I have seen the quality of the Kolhapuris available in the market drop, due to the inflation as most vendors obviously want to make a living in these expensive times. Therefore I cannot make use of the quality of KPs that vendors are providing me with at the moment. I cannot sell something which to me is not just as good as I want it to be. If someone is paying me to get something from my brand, I want it to last. Hence the KP range has been discontinued.

I own a tiny little business which at the moment cannot afford to get Kolhapuris made with a team of karigars and shoe makers. Hence I have to rely on the vendors in the market to supply me with the Kolhapuri stock which I embellish myself. I am not a big brand or a big company that can afford to have KPs created in my own warehouse. Maybe if someday I am at that point I might bring the KP range back but for now its moving on to other accessories.

So the coming few weeks......its transformation time. From KPs to........something new.....! I hope I haven't disappointed my fans too much. I would rather have all you sweeties angry at me for discontinuing the range than to have you all angry at me for low quality things. I love you all like my family and I want only the best for you all.

Lots of love and duas from me to all my fans. AND MAJOR DUAS FOR MY CRICKET TEAM. Tomorrow is the day!!! Goooooooooo greeeeeen!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fabulous people, fabulous faith in you all.......

When I first started off my tiny little accessory making business it was dedicated to just friends and family. I am myself, a very laid back person, not too ambitious, not too enterprising so to me just giving out stuff to my family and friends was enough. However then people talked me into making something more out of it. Taking it a step further so with a lot of inhibitions came forth the BLOG. I was so nervous and excited both at the same time. I had written it down somewhere in one of my notebooks that "I am standing on a busy freeway with cars passing by me in full speed...." THAT was the feeling I got when I first took a step into the world outside of my comfort zone. My home.

Today nearly 8 months later, I feel so happy I did so. I am a very friendly soul in general, I hate being mean to people or maybe I just can't. Its not in me. So one of my biggest inhibitions was maybe I am too nice for the cruel world out there. I won't be able to cope up with it.

However my work has brought about a change in my views. The world to me is a very nice place. It welcomed tiny little me with arms wide open. I have met people who are so nice, made such good friends who give me advice through it all, met people who have given me the widest of smiles and the cutest of thank you texts when they get their goodies. I have not once met someone who has been mean to me, who has ever fought with me or been angry at what they got. (Alhamdulillah) I have not once met anyone who has cheated me with an order as in ordering and not showing up to collect it. 

The people I have met in these 8 months have been just as great as my own family and friends. They have understood when an order gets delayed for some odd reasons. They have understood when a particular thing which they ordered is not available and all of them have had blind faith in me when I have asked them if I can replace a color in their design or maybe change it a bit.

There is still lot of kindness, alot of compassion, alot of understanding and love out there. I have experienced it in my very little work span. People are not bad at all. Infact the love I have gotten from them has strengthened my faith in them. I love being in a world where things are nice. As I always say "Thank you Allah Tallah for everything, specially for making the world so nice for me.


The "Exclusively fabulous" section.....

A new change.....more excitement! The "Exclusively fabulous" Album at the Facebook page. I know alot of times we need accessories for an occasion which wasn't planned. Maybe a movie, maybe a lunch, or maybe a get together which got planned in a rush. So now what? Just browse through the "Exclusively fabulous" album and get to see our "ready to pick up" range. This includes item which are not up for orders but up for immediate pick up. So happy shopping to all my lovely fabulous fans!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What happens to orders after your email......;)

Okay so the "notes" tab at my Facebook page and also the "How to order...." post at the blog gives all my readers/fans an idea on how to book up something they like from handmade.fabulous.fancified. However there should be a post about what happens once your emails are received and before you get the text that your order is ready for pick up. There is an entire week in between or at times some orders can stretch up to 2 or 3 weeks so I thought I'd give an idea to all the lovely sweetie pie customers of mine on what happens once I mail you back that I have your order written down in my folder.

- Firstly the orders are sorted out in the folder. I have all sorts of marks and sections within the folders which only I can decipher at times because I have alot of pages with alot of doodling, small mark up notes, additional info about the customer on the side, etc. everything happening all around the pages. So firstly its assorting every order its own place. Just KP orders, just earring orders, mixed orders, etc.

- Some orders are categorized as URGENT and there are always one to three of those every week where someone is going out of town or someone is coming to town for a limited period or one of my regular clients wants to send something to someone urgently as a gift. So the "Urgent" orders are put together in a different section.

- Once the orders are settled in the folder and things look organized then its time to start work. Just KP orders generally are finished and ready for pick up faster than KP plus earring orders.

- Orders which have earrings usually take longer because again I categorize earrings of the same style in one slot as in hoop style earrings will be worked on one day, the next day lets say its the hand painted earrings day, and so on. So basically I go earring by earring not order by order. So which is why earrings plus KP orders will take about 2 weeks but they will at the end of the day be in the hands of their owners :D Joy!

- Usually KPs which need more work are worked upon bit by bit. A little bit will be finished today, then a bit will be completed tomorrow. This way the KPs which need less work are finished alongside so that things don't keep on piling up while I am working on just one KP.

- Also during the day there are the "email check breaks" in which statuses are updated, blog posts are sometimes written, queries and comments are answered, and so on.....

- Once a pair of KPs is complete and ready to go home, then the packing up process starts. I have to tie my very own little "Kolhapuris" tag to it which I always have a set of doodled ones in my drawers. Those doodled tags are made during my TV watching times when I am not in the mood to work then I stock up on doodled tags. So the tag in place then it is the bill which needs to be filled out and attached as well. Once all that is done then the KP is packed away in its bag and a pick up text is sent. The text!

- Though pick up times set by me are post 6 PM but mostly during the day if someone finds time in the morning to pick up their order they are welcomed and so are people who drop by at other times. If I am not home then the packets are labeled and set so anyone else at home can hand it over. For this I have to thank my family who has now gotten pretty much an idea of what to do. Special love and thanks going out to my dad who helps out alot this way :D

So this is a little bit on how handmade.fabulous.fancified. works during the week right after I receive your precious emails. Some orders are quick, some take long, some take a bit too long however at the end of the day when the packet reaches home and I receive lovely texts from all you sweeties, I feel like all the hard work and running around all day, was actually worth it!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let's have some ronak shonak......

I know I know the title above is from a movie song and we all know which one it is. But I don't know why everytime I see this Kolhapuri of mine I think of this song. Its so totally the ronak shonak types. Such a colourful little piece. And MashAllah its been a major hit. Therefore coming back for orders from the 18th of March that is tomorrow. 

I hope I do not disappoint anyone because of my limit of taking only 20 orders. Come on sweeties its the handmade business which means a pair of hands can only do this much. Forgive me if I miss out on any of your orders.

I know its going to be such a ride completing orders for this one because 20 in a week is something I haven't attempted so far so this one is a first time at it and I hope things go smoothly. Allah Mian I know you're holding my finger through all this and teaching me how to walk step by step in this business. From making one Kolhapuri in a week (yeah I was that slow when I started) to now 20 in a week. I know He is holding me up through this and teaching me the do's and don'ts. Alhamdulillah. 

So let the orders commence........starting......18th March 2011.......12 a.m sharp ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life on the run......

Its post my entry into the orders world and only a few days later I am juggling orders, couriers and emails just like before. Not at the same speed though. Maybe I'm warming up. Also on the home front I am a little tied up due to some reasons which is why alot of things which should have been happening at the moment are in pending like putting out 4 new designs for early summer, doing something about my bank account because IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY, and also alot of other brand related chores.
As the title says its a life on the run. A non stop run. Anyway so one new design is up. Not totally as great as the others have been, but in this tied up zone I can come up with this at the moment. InshAllah when I have the time I will bring forth a few dhamaka types like the Spring 2011 collection has been.

The Spring Sunshine is all booked up and processing at the moment. So thats all good. I have been trying my best to answer every email I get. If anyone has an unanswered email then scold me! That is very bad of me indeed!

Its a Sunday today and I have to rush to a lunch and I am here blogging. I need to go get ready. Meanwhile you guys check out my little new chamkila piece.......Chamak Dhamak KP. Love you all!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Kp of the week!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Officially back.....

You know the feeling you get when you are sitting on a roller coaster and you've got yourself all secure (belts fastened, restraints lowered) and the ride is about to begin. Those butterflies in your stomach. I am exactly there. I am so there! You know when I was working non stop like the past so many months, order after order, I didn't realize what a ride it was. But now because I was away from it for a while on my break, I got to see it from an outsider perspective and its like Whaaa?! I was there? Doing that? And I'm still alive? Its that kinda thing.

So now when I am back to work and its just been an hour to the announcement I know the coming week will be roller coaster ride all along because it takes time to get back into the routine of orders, lists, calls, texts, emails.......

Apart from that, I need to hit the courier office one of these days. I have a stack of things I need to take along with me and courier them. I was just waiting for this one big load of things to get completed so that I don't have to make trips to the courier people again and again. Though they know me by now infact they know everyone in my family by now and they know everytime I come in I will bring shoes and lots of them. They probably think I am a "mochi" if you say it in plain Urdu.

Oh well! Right now its time to smile bright and welcome all the new first time orders, and the people who are regulars, and the people who just want to appreciate. I love you all!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My birthday......*smiles and giggles*

I am still as lazy as a cat when it comes to work. However that does not mean I am not working. Not at all. I am still in rounds of completing the pending orders which moved from pre break to post break phase. My aim is to complete and get all the pending orders to their owners before I start taking orders on the new design. That could however mean a shift in the dates of my comeback and the launch of the new KP I have in mind. I don't mind that at all. As it is work-wise my birthday is coming up on the 15th of this month so maybe I can bring in the new design on the 15th. What say dear me? Do you agree with it? *Me is thinking*.......*still thinking*..........*blink blink*.........Okay nevermind. I know my mind will not respond as its got too much to do and is busy elsewhere. I'll just go with my heart.......whenever the new design is supposed to hit the page.....it will.

My first birthday, my first year of working as an accessory maker/designer has been full of ups and downs, highs and lows but what made it so perfect was the love I have got from all over the globe. I have made friends, I have made fans and I have inspired people as well which is what I get to hear from alot of my customers/clients/blog followers, etc. Alot of people tell me that I have inspired them to start something of their own. Its been alot frequent nowadays that people say these lines to me. All I can say is Alhamdulillah. I want to shout out this word from my rooftop right now. I mean how else can one explain miracles. Its only Him up above who makes them happen right? And how can I ever thank Him enough? 

Also to the people who got inspired by me and came up to me to tell me that, A BIG AND HUMBLE THANK YOU. Trust me I am as ordinary as you guys. Those who have met me know that. I am no super human being and I am definitely no BIG designer. I am just me. So if this me can do it so can all of you guys. Surely there are bad times, but the start of something is the toughest part. Once you make it through you're a winner. In my eyes I believe everyone can do what they want to do with their lives, just a little determination is needed.

For me till today it has been a mystery as to how and why things have worked out so well as they have. I do not take any credit for it. I am extremely humbled and so grateful to all those who have appreciated my work. To me my success has been a gift from Allah I guess. Thank you Allah Tallah. Thank you so very very much. Alhamdulillah! You have given me what I have today, one year after that first tiny earring exhibition. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 10, 2011......my mini vacation ends.......

The precious ones getting picked up today.

*Stretch* I've become a lazy little thing over my mini vacation period. Actually firstly it was a sick leave cause I had the famous "flu" that every other person in Karachi has these days. Secondly once I got over the flu I thought I need time off. Actually I was enjoying the time off. No running about the whole day, no pending lists, no countdowns, nothing! It was like bliss. Maybe because I hadn't taken this kind of time off in the past 6 months.

Anway so now things are again going to be a race against time. On the 10th its going to be ready steady.......WORK!!!! Thats cause on the 10th of March I have in my mind, set up the date for the new KP (kolhapuri) to hit the Facebook page for orders. I hope it is much loved like all the rest of the Kolhapuris have been so far *InshAllah*

So I am kinda nervous because alot of expectations are out there and plus considering the sea of orders already awaiting me with the older pairs. HOW WILL I EVER MANAGEE???? (By the way this shriek was actually my mind taking over my hands and typing what it thinks) but in my heart I know with all the love and with every happy text that I get when I complete an order and its picked up by its owner, I get more strength, more energy, forget the red all this love is like rainbow bull to me when it comes to energizing! A happy customer is like a high!!!!

Also what happened during the break is that I conducted a lil poll on my Facebook page. Click here to check the poll out. Pretty interesting for me to see that people are actually taking time out to vote. Love you sweeties for doing so! So the results are......ain't telling till its out on the Facebook page. Me don't cheat. Me will announce the result only on the day its my comeback to work. 

P.S while I am blogging might as well give a shout out for my country!!! Win win win!!! Bring home the World cup! Love you Pakistan. Infact I adore you!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On a break.....

Yayyyy! We are officially a 100 Kolhapuris old. Our baby brand has grown. Soon we'll be celebrating 1 year of handmade goodness. Maybe have a give away bash or something. However currently the hands behind Handmade.fabulous.fancified. are on a break and not doing much but updating Facebook, the blog and basically busy with shifting the brand to its new home on Facebook.
Anyway so I am currently on a break until March so no orders no work nothing. Just plain lazying around which was much needed as I have worked with no days off since God knows when. So its a much deserved break as well. Till I return, take care sweeties, be good and stay fabulous!

Our New Facebook home......*click*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So today......


I haven't updated the blog workwise in the past many days. Yeah there have been posts but mostly about our first ever online competition. So now its back to me, the blog and the readers from all over the world. How are you guys doing? Hope well. Its a very blessed day today and so I pray that everyone is happy, healthy and surrounded by smiles and love! Ameen!

Workwise I have been going crazy if you want a literal description of the state of things. Currently I have all 4 of the Spring editions going away to their homes simultaneously and I am trying my best to send as many as I can to their respective homes in one day. It lists lists and lists everywhere. Lists of things to do, lists of orders, lists of stock to buy, lists of people to text or call, lists of things to be couriered.

I have always been a person who would rather write down things somewhere than to just remember them. Call me old fashioned or call me plain old, its just something built-in in my system. And now I can see how it helps. Usually I remember texting someone about their order late at night which according to me is at 11 30 or quarter to 12 because I am not a late sleeper. After 12 my system shuts down. So I remember things at the oddest of times. I will remember whats missing in my stock at, again, 11 in the night, so its always better to have a list.

I so need to buy one of those organizer thinges you get because I need to have everything at one place. So with 4 different KPs going home things are going good Alhamdulillah. InshAllah planning to introduce something very new in the next few weeks but I will remain hush about it for now till it actually appears at the Facebook group and is up for sale and orders. Hope it works out just as good.

So in between the dispatching of the old and the planning and managing of the new, I still think HOW IN THE WORLD do I get time to blog or watch the tele. When my cousins come over they do exclaim that how can  you sit so idle when we think you work so much. Ummmm personally......even I don't know and I do not care.......as long as I have some time for work and some time for me......the days are sunny and happy. MashAllah!! Allah Mian has been specially graceful towards me I guess. Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah Mian for giving me all that I have today. Love, talent, a job that I absolutely love, health and above all my faith! Love to all the readers and hope you all fall in love with life too! Isn't it the best thing ever!

Monday, February 14, 2011

We've found the winner!

Finally!!!! Its the results day at our Facebook group. It was our first ever competition on Facebook and we thought it should be something which isn't just about tagging your name onto a picture or recommending your friends to join our group. We wanted it to be something special. And what was more special than this. Our "Write a love note" competition. I mean we all love the people in our lives so just to write a line or two for them in itself is such a joy.

However the entry which won were the following lines: 

"The Forever love of my Life is & always will be my Loving, Caring, Understanding, Supporting, Friend, Mentor, Guide, my *Papa*. Papa i love you so much and i never felt like counting the blessings which u have given me as they are infinite...(obviously after ALLAH). Being a father of only daughters and no son, you have never made us feel that we dont have brother & u never showed that u feel the need of a son. From picking n dropping us to school, listening to my stupid stories,taking us out for ice-creams late night, going out with me for shopping(guys know how annoying it is to shop with a girl),being my friend n getting me everything which i want and are useless but still you do that for me. N when we get angry on some thing you always get gifts n choclates plus cards for us uptill now, the best part is you never say NO for anything straight away,u always listen to us n then says make me agree to your point n then iam with you. *aww iam being senti*. neways Papa you are simply the Best Dad, you Rock :) n Ami u r soo lucky to have papa as ur life partner :-P May Allay bless you both always. Aameen, i ♥ you both :-) "

 The lines were so beautiful they made me almost drop a tear because I too am the daughter of a father who does not have sons. So its beautiful for me personally. However I did not choose the winner. The man I mentioned did. Yes my father was handed over the job of picking up the winners name from the top 5 names. He was so clueless that why am I picking up the names. But now we have the winner! Congratulations to her!

Also to all the people who did not win as I mentioned on my Facebook group that you guys have something which is far more special and expensive than what handmade.fabulous.fancified. can ever give you. LOVE! Just the fact that you guys have people in your lives for whom you have written the love note is so special. You guys have that someone. Be it parents, siblings, friends, husbands, anyone! You guys are lucky enough to write a note for them as you have their love and their presence in your life. You guys are already blessed and winners MashAllah and nothing can be more special than that.