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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fabulous people, fabulous faith in you all.......

When I first started off my tiny little accessory making business it was dedicated to just friends and family. I am myself, a very laid back person, not too ambitious, not too enterprising so to me just giving out stuff to my family and friends was enough. However then people talked me into making something more out of it. Taking it a step further so with a lot of inhibitions came forth the BLOG. I was so nervous and excited both at the same time. I had written it down somewhere in one of my notebooks that "I am standing on a busy freeway with cars passing by me in full speed...." THAT was the feeling I got when I first took a step into the world outside of my comfort zone. My home.

Today nearly 8 months later, I feel so happy I did so. I am a very friendly soul in general, I hate being mean to people or maybe I just can't. Its not in me. So one of my biggest inhibitions was maybe I am too nice for the cruel world out there. I won't be able to cope up with it.

However my work has brought about a change in my views. The world to me is a very nice place. It welcomed tiny little me with arms wide open. I have met people who are so nice, made such good friends who give me advice through it all, met people who have given me the widest of smiles and the cutest of thank you texts when they get their goodies. I have not once met someone who has been mean to me, who has ever fought with me or been angry at what they got. (Alhamdulillah) I have not once met anyone who has cheated me with an order as in ordering and not showing up to collect it. 

The people I have met in these 8 months have been just as great as my own family and friends. They have understood when an order gets delayed for some odd reasons. They have understood when a particular thing which they ordered is not available and all of them have had blind faith in me when I have asked them if I can replace a color in their design or maybe change it a bit.

There is still lot of kindness, alot of compassion, alot of understanding and love out there. I have experienced it in my very little work span. People are not bad at all. Infact the love I have gotten from them has strengthened my faith in them. I love being in a world where things are nice. As I always say "Thank you Allah Tallah for everything, specially for making the world so nice for me.


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