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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A change!

Here comes the new logo, the new start to things. The tiny brand is transforming itself. Alot of people must be wondering why and how? Well basically change was necessary. I have been a die hard perfectionist all my life. I cannot stand when things I create are not nearly perfect (of course totally perfect is not a huma trait so I can get to nearly perfect only). I am not giving just a product to people, I am as a matter of fact giving them the right to comment on me, my work, and I am giving them the right to either make or break my name.

So therefore my work completely belongs to the people who are my fans, clients and above all friends. So I take all responsibility for anything I give out to a client. From a tiny pair of earrings to a bulk order. Each piece is my responsibility.

This is more like an announcement to all my clients who have loved the KP range at handmade.fabulous.fancified. and have wanted to own a piece. Currently I am discontinuing the KP range due to one main reason which is QUALITY. As I mentioned I am a quality freak, I will do anything to make my products nearly perfect. Basically in the past month or so I have seen the quality of the Kolhapuris available in the market drop, due to the inflation as most vendors obviously want to make a living in these expensive times. Therefore I cannot make use of the quality of KPs that vendors are providing me with at the moment. I cannot sell something which to me is not just as good as I want it to be. If someone is paying me to get something from my brand, I want it to last. Hence the KP range has been discontinued.

I own a tiny little business which at the moment cannot afford to get Kolhapuris made with a team of karigars and shoe makers. Hence I have to rely on the vendors in the market to supply me with the Kolhapuri stock which I embellish myself. I am not a big brand or a big company that can afford to have KPs created in my own warehouse. Maybe if someday I am at that point I might bring the KP range back but for now its moving on to other accessories.

So the coming few weeks......its transformation time. From KPs to........something new.....! I hope I haven't disappointed my fans too much. I would rather have all you sweeties angry at me for discontinuing the range than to have you all angry at me for low quality things. I love you all like my family and I want only the best for you all.

Lots of love and duas from me to all my fans. AND MAJOR DUAS FOR MY CRICKET TEAM. Tomorrow is the day!!! Goooooooooo greeeeeen!!!!

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