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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What happens to orders after your email......;)

Okay so the "notes" tab at my Facebook page and also the "How to order...." post at the blog gives all my readers/fans an idea on how to book up something they like from handmade.fabulous.fancified. However there should be a post about what happens once your emails are received and before you get the text that your order is ready for pick up. There is an entire week in between or at times some orders can stretch up to 2 or 3 weeks so I thought I'd give an idea to all the lovely sweetie pie customers of mine on what happens once I mail you back that I have your order written down in my folder.

- Firstly the orders are sorted out in the folder. I have all sorts of marks and sections within the folders which only I can decipher at times because I have alot of pages with alot of doodling, small mark up notes, additional info about the customer on the side, etc. everything happening all around the pages. So firstly its assorting every order its own place. Just KP orders, just earring orders, mixed orders, etc.

- Some orders are categorized as URGENT and there are always one to three of those every week where someone is going out of town or someone is coming to town for a limited period or one of my regular clients wants to send something to someone urgently as a gift. So the "Urgent" orders are put together in a different section.

- Once the orders are settled in the folder and things look organized then its time to start work. Just KP orders generally are finished and ready for pick up faster than KP plus earring orders.

- Orders which have earrings usually take longer because again I categorize earrings of the same style in one slot as in hoop style earrings will be worked on one day, the next day lets say its the hand painted earrings day, and so on. So basically I go earring by earring not order by order. So which is why earrings plus KP orders will take about 2 weeks but they will at the end of the day be in the hands of their owners :D Joy!

- Usually KPs which need more work are worked upon bit by bit. A little bit will be finished today, then a bit will be completed tomorrow. This way the KPs which need less work are finished alongside so that things don't keep on piling up while I am working on just one KP.

- Also during the day there are the "email check breaks" in which statuses are updated, blog posts are sometimes written, queries and comments are answered, and so on.....

- Once a pair of KPs is complete and ready to go home, then the packing up process starts. I have to tie my very own little "Kolhapuris" tag to it which I always have a set of doodled ones in my drawers. Those doodled tags are made during my TV watching times when I am not in the mood to work then I stock up on doodled tags. So the tag in place then it is the bill which needs to be filled out and attached as well. Once all that is done then the KP is packed away in its bag and a pick up text is sent. The text!

- Though pick up times set by me are post 6 PM but mostly during the day if someone finds time in the morning to pick up their order they are welcomed and so are people who drop by at other times. If I am not home then the packets are labeled and set so anyone else at home can hand it over. For this I have to thank my family who has now gotten pretty much an idea of what to do. Special love and thanks going out to my dad who helps out alot this way :D

So this is a little bit on how handmade.fabulous.fancified. works during the week right after I receive your precious emails. Some orders are quick, some take long, some take a bit too long however at the end of the day when the packet reaches home and I receive lovely texts from all you sweeties, I feel like all the hard work and running around all day, was actually worth it!

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