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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life on the run......

Its post my entry into the orders world and only a few days later I am juggling orders, couriers and emails just like before. Not at the same speed though. Maybe I'm warming up. Also on the home front I am a little tied up due to some reasons which is why alot of things which should have been happening at the moment are in pending like putting out 4 new designs for early summer, doing something about my bank account because IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY, and also alot of other brand related chores.
As the title says its a life on the run. A non stop run. Anyway so one new design is up. Not totally as great as the others have been, but in this tied up zone I can come up with this at the moment. InshAllah when I have the time I will bring forth a few dhamaka types like the Spring 2011 collection has been.

The Spring Sunshine is all booked up and processing at the moment. So thats all good. I have been trying my best to answer every email I get. If anyone has an unanswered email then scold me! That is very bad of me indeed!

Its a Sunday today and I have to rush to a lunch and I am here blogging. I need to go get ready. Meanwhile you guys check out my little new chamkila piece.......Chamak Dhamak KP. Love you all!

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