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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The ethnic pair.......

  I remember in my last quickie post I said that there were going to be very ethnic Kolhapuris coming up. Well here they are. Along with their own pair of earrings. I think the ethnic feel has me totally wrapped around its little finger because since the past 2 days all I'm making is extremely ethnic and desi in a way. I need to snap out of it soon. Not because I dont like it, its just that as a designer I should be able to broaden my imagination and not get stuck in one theme.

However I do think this pair would go well with winters if you are a person who adores shawls like me. I love shawls as they bring so much colour and texture to a look. So these would perfect with a neutral dress and a colourful shawl.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A speed bump....

   I know I havent posted in the past 2 or 3 days and the way I am I have to share my work pictures or show my work to someone every single day to get on with it. Its a total rush. An addiction for me you can say. BUT! My keyboard had given up on me so it was a major speed bump.I still have so many pictures to update and people to answer to but thanks to the speed bump things came on an almost halt. However I got a few things sorted out. They include:

- Getting my Facebook id reactivated. As previously I had said my friend S was moving abroad and with another bestest friend already abroad, my empty msn was no use. Its become lousy. No one is ever online. So I had to reactivate Facebook to get in touch with them. Though I am still not quite forgiving when it comes to this social networking site. I am still a bit cross.

- Okay so here is to all the people who wanted to see my work in detail and who wanted more of Kolhapuri pictures, more of earring pictures, more of information, more of everything about Hera K accessories. Its the Facebook group. Join us! Facebook us!

- Went for my weekly beads and threads shopping. I still wish I owned a bead store. Life would have been easier, fun and more colourful.

- Lastly, I have completed a few of my desi line of accessories out of which one is underneath in the picture. The rest you shall find on the Facebook group in detail.

Tomorrow. Its the desi Kolhapuri pictures coming up. And its not the sock shoe look. Its a simple Kolhapuri, high on desiness and colour!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Olive garden....

      I've had people coming and going all day today. Loads of friends over. Many trying out the things I keep on making. Overall not a bad day =) Till two days I was feeling like a sack. I think it was the flu. So now I'm better. So here goes the work done in the past few flu days. Hope all of my readers are feeling good, fit and fine! Enjoy the season and love every moment of it.

This Olive green pair of Kolhapuri's is currently up for sale. It's a size 10.
Rs. 750.

P.S this time its not F who is the model. This time its me! *yay* I took the liberty to strike a foot pose for the camera. F I know you will be reading this and I know you are so going to say something to me the minute you read this. I'm just waiting for that text. =P

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Winters and the best days......

    Winter, friends, books, college, library sessions, gossip, classes, bunking, studying........

  Evenings, long talks, notes, journals, coffee, fries, cafeteria benches, warm sunlight........

Bugging, laughing, screaming, sighing, thinking, writing, creating, choosing, speaking........

Assignments, due dates, late work, working late nights, study sessions, exams, results, gpa's.......

The new winter Kolhapuri.....and since I passed by my university today and saw so many people standing, complaining, screaming, deciding, studying, waiting, etc. exactly the way me and my friends did when we were there. I dedicate this Kolhapuri to all the ones who are still in that phase of life. Its the best. And plus I guess this funky winter Kolhapuri goes so well with uni life!

P.S this one is still waiting to find a pair of feet. Totally up for sale. F is just posing in them ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lets talk earrings!

 You know I have been wondering that the past few days I have put earrings, my first love, to the sideline. How can I be so mean? So I want to dedicate this post to my earrings. I think earrings really enhance your look. But there are always do's and dont's involved in any accessory that you wear. 

So here are a few points that you need to remember and if you already know them, you're a star!! Since I am always noticed anywhere I go by my earrings and remembered that way because I'm always questioned about where did I get the earrings from, so I should be able to drop in a few points.....

1.  If you want your face to look leaner and slimmer, wear longer earrings, avoid big hoops, and wear earrings that have a big stone or focal point at the end.

2. If you are wearing something white then don't go ahead and wear white earrings with it. No no! Why? Because since you are already wearing white you are not reflecting any colour on to your skin, hence white earrings will give you a white pale look. It wont do anything to jazz you up. If you are casually going out then wear funky bold earrings with the white outfit. People will love it trust me.

If you are wearing white to a formal occasion like a wedding or party then team it up with a matte coloured earring, but do have the colour there. It will attract alot of attention to your face which is always good isn't it.

3. If you have a small face like me then its always great to wear hoops. The more studded and embellished your hoops are the more the attention is drawn towards yours ears. Avoid really big hoops as then all you are doing is drowning your face in them. Smaller embellished hoops will do the trick because that was from ear to ear your face will seem wider and bigger.

4. If you wear earrings specially bigger ones avoid necklaces. It becomes quite over-powering and hence you end up looking too decked up. Pair up a nice pair of plain bangles, the metallic ones in trend, or 2 or 3 bracelets overlapping each other always work.

5. If you want to open your hair at the event then always remember, darker coloured earrings will never work. Wear something in dull gold or silver. Anything dark will not show much hence the point of the earring is lost.

6. Try adding a bit of the shades of your earrings to your eye make up. Works wonders. If you have a tinge of blue in your earrings then add a bit of bluish eye shadow or shimmer to your eye lid and line with dark kohl. You will love the effect it has on your face.

Okay I've given you a few very common points about wearing earrings and how I wear them. And I always wear earrings. So the next thing coming up is my new winter Kolhapuri. Its a sock shoe kinda look. Very ethnic and very desi looking. Tomorrow my cousin and a friend are coming over for its photoshoot. Then you all will get to see it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The dusky Kolhapuri again!

 I had to post these pictures before I get busy again! Okay so I called up G since she was nearby to come over and try her Kolhapuri......so we decided why not have a photoshoot! However its not G who is trying out the Kolhapuri in these pictures, its her sister. I think the Kolhapuri looks so much better than what I thought......

The dusky gold Kolhapuri

              “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Coco Chanel.

I love the gladiator slipper look. I try on loads whenever I go shopping. Though its a hassle trying them on anywhere because they are not the best kinds if you want to wear them in a hurry. Okay so I had to make a Kolhapuri for my cousin G who wanted something in black and gold. So I went all out in "innovating" a somewhat gladiator Kolhapuri. It doesnt have the basic long straps that you need to tie at and above the ankle. But it does have a strap ;)

So Im hoping she likes this new change. I havent done anything like it before. I think it looks classy specially because I love dull gold and black and plus the base of the straps is suede which is always classy no matter what season it is. Well obviously I would I've made it.

Innovation! One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create classics.
Coco Chanel -

Friday, September 17, 2010

The how-to lesson.....

   I am sitting as free as possible. Why? Because the city is at a complete shutdown and my supplies are almost finished so cant work much on anything new. I was planning to go shopping for beads, zari, threads, etc. today and start on a few orders but well.........*sigh*

  So I thought I should post a how to become a gola ganda lesson. You know those colourful desi yummy icy treats we've all had as a kid. Thats cause today if possible, I'm going to a friends place because shes leaving for further studies. She comes to my blog sometimes so a big wave to her....."Heeeyyyy S. Will miss you loads even if we havent been in touch much but still we were in the same town. Now you're leaving and me will miss ya!"

Okay so I've paired up something really colourful today which is why I was talking about a gola-ganda. I will probably look like one today but since I love colours I dont mind at all.

Okay so Step one take a really bright coloured dress which I got from a some place at Zamzama. Wont take names. 

Step two would be to pair it up with a bright scarf in my case it is a chunri which I got from a random dupatta wala. Quite cheap it was so I was really really thrilled. I loved it!!

Step three is to wear bright and colourful Kolhapuris. Okay so till now I have never made myself any Kolhapuris and even these are for my cousin which I completed just yesterday and I'm borrowing them from her for a day since they go with my look.

Last step is the earrings. These arent colorful actually but they have a rainbow tinged stone right in the middle which adds to the look.

There you go........you are now officially the gola-ganda!

Take a look.........the first picture has the dress and chunri snaps.......then the second picture has the Kolhapuris. Lastly its the earrings. Oh by the way I finally made these earrings for myself! Im happy!

P.S Karachi come back to normal!! *sigh* I hate seeing you this way!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Copyrights? Copy.....right?

    In the beginning when I had my first exhibition, a week before the actual day, I started uploading pictures on Facebook of the earrings being showcased at my mini-exhibition. I created a group under the name of Hera k and put in loads of pictures for my friends to see, specially for those who didn't know much about what I was doing and for those who were not in Karachi. 

Back then I had lots of inhibitions. What if people saw and copied my stuff? What if other people sold copies of my stuff? Then where would I stand in the monstrous world of fashion. If people got what I made from somewhere else preferably an outlet then I would be a nobody sitting at home and running a home-based business. 

However, then it struck me. I just have to do what I do the best and not care. Everything does get copied eventually. I've heard famous names fight over who made a particular design first. There was something I had said to someone who asked somewhat of a similar question that putting my stuff online and on this blog means that I am putting myself in a spot where everything I make will get copied. Im giving easy access to people. My reply......"If these things get copied then more things will come up from where these have come InshAllah". 

I create things from my own imagination and my love for accessories. And everyday I make things randomly. So there will be more ideas and more things coming. What I've made is the past, InshAllah newer things will keep on coming. So the previous things......if they do get copied......I'll make something different then......InshAllah InshAllah ;)

         2 cousins, 2 friends, 5 Kolhapuris........love them for
their wacky idea to take this picture.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Know this crazy designer.......

Some random points about this crazy designer:

- I love the sun. Quite opposite to people living in Karachi or Pakistan in general because we get too much sunlight but I love sunlight. It makes me happy and makes my world seem brighter.

-I don't like mithai. Not even a bit. No offense to all who do like it but I prefer ice cream, cakes, chocolates and even sheer khorma as opposed to mithai.

-I am a morning person. I love getting things done in the morning. If I have to start on a piece I will start on it as soon as I'm done with breakfast. I love that time. 

- I'm quite desi when it comes to fashion. I love ethnic things. But sometimes I think I have phases. Sometimes I do have a month where I go all retro with things. But on the average I'm a rural gal maybe cause my roots are there.

- I can't calculate. Just can't! Thank God there are cellphones. 

- I'm a shy person. Well my close friends would say I talk ALOT, but people who have just met me a few times only would say I am more of a snob. I'm not, its just that it takes time for me to become my real friendly self around people.

- I love my family and friends! They are food for my soul!

The latest pair of earrings lying on my last year Eid dress which
I embroidered myself. Back then I wasn't the accessory designer.

Monday, September 13, 2010

From tomorrow its back to overdrive!


Once again Eid Mubarak to all. Its the last day of Eid, and from tomorrow its back to normal life. Lots to do and lots to look forward too. Its been hectic the past few days completing Eid orders and people coming over last minute to match jewellry on their dresses. I dont know how I completed my own accessories. I got an eid dress right on Friday because firstly throughout Ramadan I was so down due to that good for nothing medicine I ate and secondly because everyone wanted their accessories to be with them by Chand raat.


Well now its all done with and Alhamdulillah everyone was happy with what they got and they got it on time.


I made myself a pair of bangles right on Eid night for a dinner on the second night of Eid. So they have to be up on the blog because they are infact the first pair I ever made for myself. I hardly ever do make an effort to make things for my own self now. I should do so because I absolutely adore these!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eid Mubarak!