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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lets talk earrings!

 You know I have been wondering that the past few days I have put earrings, my first love, to the sideline. How can I be so mean? So I want to dedicate this post to my earrings. I think earrings really enhance your look. But there are always do's and dont's involved in any accessory that you wear. 

So here are a few points that you need to remember and if you already know them, you're a star!! Since I am always noticed anywhere I go by my earrings and remembered that way because I'm always questioned about where did I get the earrings from, so I should be able to drop in a few points.....

1.  If you want your face to look leaner and slimmer, wear longer earrings, avoid big hoops, and wear earrings that have a big stone or focal point at the end.

2. If you are wearing something white then don't go ahead and wear white earrings with it. No no! Why? Because since you are already wearing white you are not reflecting any colour on to your skin, hence white earrings will give you a white pale look. It wont do anything to jazz you up. If you are casually going out then wear funky bold earrings with the white outfit. People will love it trust me.

If you are wearing white to a formal occasion like a wedding or party then team it up with a matte coloured earring, but do have the colour there. It will attract alot of attention to your face which is always good isn't it.

3. If you have a small face like me then its always great to wear hoops. The more studded and embellished your hoops are the more the attention is drawn towards yours ears. Avoid really big hoops as then all you are doing is drowning your face in them. Smaller embellished hoops will do the trick because that was from ear to ear your face will seem wider and bigger.

4. If you wear earrings specially bigger ones avoid necklaces. It becomes quite over-powering and hence you end up looking too decked up. Pair up a nice pair of plain bangles, the metallic ones in trend, or 2 or 3 bracelets overlapping each other always work.

5. If you want to open your hair at the event then always remember, darker coloured earrings will never work. Wear something in dull gold or silver. Anything dark will not show much hence the point of the earring is lost.

6. Try adding a bit of the shades of your earrings to your eye make up. Works wonders. If you have a tinge of blue in your earrings then add a bit of bluish eye shadow or shimmer to your eye lid and line with dark kohl. You will love the effect it has on your face.

Okay I've given you a few very common points about wearing earrings and how I wear them. And I always wear earrings. So the next thing coming up is my new winter Kolhapuri. Its a sock shoe kinda look. Very ethnic and very desi looking. Tomorrow my cousin and a friend are coming over for its photoshoot. Then you all will get to see it.


Nushay. said...

Hera! I seriously need to place orders!

hera k said...

Nushay: Thanks for loving the work so much!

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