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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A short stop over at the blog

  Time for a short post......I cant just let the blog be.......its one of my favourite things in life you know......so basically life has been a bit of both good and bad. I have completed alot of the orders and cancelled some and working on some. Ramadan is always my favourite month because of the feel it brings along with it. Its this feeling of peace deep down inside. However this time I havent had a good Ramadan. Been sick throughout. And had a really really bad reaction from anitibiotics. So basically work has been slow for me as on most of the days I was working with very little energy and very little sleep even. However things look better now. 

I went to the IVS students auction yesterday where my things were being showcased. I didnt stay for long so never got to see the response of the people but I have heard it was great and all of the things sold out. Yayy!! You know that was my inhibition was the reaction I would get from people. Since the event was going to go on till late night I couldnt stay but deep down inside I was kinda happy I couldnt stay because what if the people didnt like my stuff. It would be an overdose of humiliation and currently after an over dose of antibiotics I definately didnt want that...... ;)

P.S its was dad's birthday today as in I mean yesterday now that its past 12. 9th September. Please pray he has an amazing year to follow InshAllah!


ReeBz said...

Woww these shoes are best! i love your photography!

Hey i loved a bag and i want to have it! i saw it in lahore but when i went to buy, it was out ov stock! now i have seen it on net, Facebook, but they are just not co-operative and not telling me the rates.I thought if its possible for you to make a bag like that :S? I will be happy alot!!

ReeBz said...


this is the bag i want!and tell me how much will it cost if you can make it.but i want it in soft baby pink

ReeBz said...

Hey and a very happy birth day to your father :)

dashofspice said...

ameen that Allah bless ur dad with healthy blessed long life :)

uff hera creativity ki hadd hay love the kolhapuris u design ... khaadi par rakhwa lo :)

eid mubarak

hera k said...

EID MUBARAK!! Thank you for wishing my dad =D love you guys......

Reebz: I saw the bag and its really pretty. I tried replying from my cell to this comment of yours but it just wouldnt upload! Anyway I havent started on bags yet because bags are a lengthy process as compared to kolhapuris and jewelry. Im looking for a karigar (helper) who can start on the bags and if I do find someone InshAllah I will make you a bag somewhat like this though not exactly the same as there are copyrights and all.

Asma: Khaadi is like wayyyyy beyond my league yar......they are just too good at what they do, but thanks alot for the appreciation.

ReeBz said...

Thanks !
but m sure this product may not be copyrighted cs i saw this exact bag in lahore in a very common shop, and they imported it from China :D
So its not possible for china to copy their design but they might have copied from china :D
It costed Rs 300 at the shop! but I'm willing to pay even more :D cs i just love it!!!!!!!!!

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