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Monday, April 25, 2011

Why wear "happy earrings"?

The final week.....this weekend it is......the first "happy summer earrings" exhibition. When I started off the plan I had in mind a HUGE number of 500 earrings for showcasing. Then it came down to 300. Then down to 200 and now its the top 100 earrings. *sheepish smile* Even though the response to the announcement of the exhibition and the teasers has been phenomenal but I wasn't too sure in the beginning as in how people would react to an earrings only exhibition. Which is why I jumped up and got hold of that 500 number flying above me and brought it down to a number easily accessible for me which is a 100 happy earrings.

Now why should one buy earrings? I mean you have all sorts of jewelry items but why happy earrings?

- An instant face lift. Trust me bright earrings mean your face instantly looks brighter and more fresh. Tried and tested by me. =) as bright earrings reflect their colors onto your face, all you need is pretty lip gloss and happy earrings to seem totally fresh.

- Happy earrings can be worn by all. They are extremely light weight. I have very sensitive ears so heavy earrings can be quite painful after an hour or two of wearing em. Hence its quite necessary for summer earrings to be light weight and they are =D

-You're a student? Great then grab one to wear it to university and add some fun to the long study days. These earrings will make you happy enough to endure the most boring of lectures ;) So put on your skinny jeans with a kurta and flaunt happy earrings.

-You're a housewife? Then too grab one to wear around as these days with the heat wave in full action and the lawn's making you feel light and fresh, get equally light earrings to go with your daily look. Even if you're running around with kids, chores, attending a lunch or doing all of the above, still these earrings will make you look gorgeous at all times =D

-You're a working lady? Then even, pair up a happy earring pair with a block printed suit and there! A perfect work look which will make you look like a person who knows what to do and what to wear.

-If you love earrings which go with everything, from jeans, to kurtis to lawn suits then you have these happy earrings for that. I personally like earrings which I can wear with almost anything I wear. The type of the outfit or the colors should not limit me. So hence these earrings look good with anything and everything.

- You don't love earrings? Maybe you haven't given much attention to them ever. They are something so not in your list of accessories. How bout a trip to the "happy summer earrings" exhibition for a change in opinion. Earrings can be fun, funky and can be very light. Its summer so why adorn heavy accessories?

Earrings can make any outfit worth it. Take a plain white suit and jazz it up with happy earrings......what do you get? I leave the results up to your imagination......


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Surprises and the tingles.....

First of all to start off the post there is a news beyond awesome, I wish I had a word to describe how great it is for me but I just can't seem to find it........WE GOT FEATURED IN WOMEN"S OWN ANNUAL ISSUE 2011.......as in me, my work and the teeny weeny brand I own "Handmade.fabulous.fancified."........*blush*.......*dance* so its been a week of major elation. Its been a dream.......a HUGE thank you to the team of Women's Own specially Sherazade Khan.......

So another awesome news, yes its really a week of news and announcements, is that "handmade.fabulous.fancified." is exhibiting. The first of two exhibitions planned for Summer 2011. This one happens to be an earrings only exhibition but looking at these beauties who can say earrings are any less pretty. They are adorable if you ask me. I love my box full of earrings and can't wait for the exhibition day so that others can see it too. MashAllah :D

So currently its work work and work......I totally forgot how much work goes into an exhibition until now......been creating earrings like crazy and I still feel I don't have enough.....maybe its the nerves and the tingles.......*butterflies all the way*

P.S its not only me exhibiting this time but its a joint venture. Its another sweet little brand FIZY'S ART *click* and fall in love with her handmade cards, notebooks, gift boxes, the works! And then there is COLORIDO CREATIONS BY SHAZIA *click* and see the colorful creations by this lady. Shes got some real colorful kurti's and embroidered stuff which is a must grab for the fashionistas out there.

So all of you out there who have seen my work online, on this blog or dropped by from the WOMEN'S OWN feature........drop by and see "Wow accessories" *wink* love you all and hoping to see you on the 30th of April 2011.......for address details and event details click the picture below.....

Much love and many smiles! Happy shopping and happy accessorizing......we shall meet soon.....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Talent is everywhere......yup even within you....

Have you ever seen a photograph and said to yourself that I so want to take pictures like these. Have you ever seen a card and though WOW it would be so great to make something like this, would be so much fun. Has a movie, a photo shoot, or a talk with someone ever inspired you to do something creative......even if you think you might not be that good at it? You know what made me create my first earring.....I bet they themselves don't even know....but it was a fashion show by Athar Hafeez and Sabeen in the Fashion Pakistan Week 2009. You can watch it on Youtube. The show got a standing ovation from the audience. It made me fall in love with colors. So I thank them for this, if ever they come across my blog. THANK YOU for such an inspirational show.

Many times I've been asked by people, my clients, my fans......how did you manage starting this business and do you have any tips? I am no business consultant but I am just another girl living across the street so I can only inspire people with my words. So if ever you've been inspired by something creative and want to have a go at creating something of your own......some tips that I follow in my work life......for all the lovely people reading this...

- Whatever you want to create, make sure it reflects you......just like there is no one else in this world EXACTLY like you, similarly your work should be different too. You can try an art like I chose handmade accessories, so you can choose to get inspired by techniques people use, or genres in general, but ADD something that reflects your style. Like if baking, come up with unique ideas of your own, trust me once you get thinking ALOT of ideas will strike you and you'll be making oh-so-different cakes in no time.

- Make a space on a social networking site or a blog and start posting up pictures of your work, your workplace, your supplies rack, whatever it is that you're doing in your new "work life". Trust me its the most fun part of pursuing a passion. Even if you think no one is reading, just spread the word to your friends online.....and trust me SOMEONE will be reading :D but give it time to bloom....

- Keep expectations low and talent on an all time high. Lets say you see a card somewhere, online or off the net, and you feel this sudden urge to start doodling and painting.....then do not keep profit in mind or imagine a wave of fans coming your way as soon as you upload your first creation.....keep your intentions clean.....get better at what you do by polishing your talent everyday and not caring about how much you are earning, or how many people are praising you. I know that matters too, but when you keep high expectations, you lose out on the pleasure of working with a free mind.

- Someone will not care to look at something they've already seen somewhere else. So if its photography you're going for, or like me you're into jewelry pieces, or you love to bake, whatever it is......it should be uniquely yours and people should take time out to visit your page just for the joy of seeing your work if nothing else.

- These days the internet has made the world so much smaller, ideas so much easier to grasp, inspirations come to us at a click. So why not click and get great ideas. I always look out for blogs, search up how-to posts by people, get in touch with people who are in the same field and ask them about materials, techniques and what they've learnt so far......its always good as you make friends along the way.

- Always keep an idea's diary, you never know when a great idea might strike so just doodle down whatever comes to mind. Its a great thing to look back to when you reach to much better heights in your venture because the ideas that come to you in the beginning of your work are always the most striking ones.

- When I am out of ideas I just go to the nearby beads store and just stand there and look around at things. My bead wala guy now knows I create earrings so he's not bothered about me just standing in the corner looking away at things (ofcourse people with me like say Dad, or a friend do get irritated). Its a good way to spark up your imagination. Stationery stores work just as well and so do lace shops.

- Never think never. Don't underestimate your talent ever. Theres nothing you cannot do. So what if you can't get out much, so what if you're housebound due to your duties at home, studies or other reasons. Just take the plunge and make atleast one piece you adore. Even if for yourself atleast make one painting, take one photograph, bake one cake or like me make atleast one pair of earrings and feel the joy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Let the excitement begin....

 Coming real soon.......the first dose of summer earrings.....the "happy summer earrings exhibition"........

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Earrings did have some "big shoes" to fill.....

Last week was a week of some major changes. A change which shook up my work schedule and my confidence in my work and creativity. No I am not referring to the Semi's or the World cup here, though yes the Semi's did bring in a change in me. However here I am talking about the BIG announcement I made about NO MORE KOLHAPURIS. It was a major step and a decision which made me shaky as well. I didn't know how things will move on after this major change, because KPs were one of the biggest attractions of my brand. However with extremely shaky legs I decided to move on from KPs to just jewelry pieces.

So a week later......how are things? My answer to that would be "So so good, like beyond expectations good." Alhamdulillah! I never knew earrings would be such a hit. I never thought my earrings had the capability to replace KPs, I mean they literally had big shoes to fill.....but they did so.

The "Exclusively fabulous" album worked beyond expectations too. With providing a ready to pick up range, not only are the clients happier that they can pick up what they see and wear it the same day, it also provides me with an on going work process. With orders, though I was always happy to see them, but there was a point where I couldn't keep up with things because of the amount of things I had to create, hence things were dragging and orders kept on pending for weeks. 

Also the inner artist in me was feeling down because of the orders piling up. No doubt the appreciation and comments and texts from the people who took their things after order completion took me to cloud nine but as an artist I was making the same things over and over again, and being so over loaded with orders, gave me no room to create something new. I didn't have any time to make a new piece.

I was very concerned a week ago that will I get the same love and appreciation that I got when I was making KPs with just earrings in the accessories range at the moment. Well......Allah Mian......THANK YOU.....Alhamdulillah.

So now lets get into overdrive with earrings. Lets make all the faces pretty with a pair of precious earrings......love from me to all of you!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lets get back to being fabulous......

So yeah I admit things have been slow on the work front, almost dead but not totally. With the last one week totally dedicated to cricket and what a week it has been. Its made me realize that a lot of times when we think our prayers go unanswered, they are actually getting answered and we don't seem to realize it.

This is my second blog post which isn't related to my work as this is officially my work blog. And ironically both this posts have been about a fabulous place called Pakistan. Love!!! I saw such a big change in the past one week, saw a spirit in every single Pakistani which I didn't even know existed, saw a unity which till now was unknown to me, and above all saw GREEN everywhere.

Though we didn't win the semi final at World Cup 2011, but in return to our non stop prayers on 30th March, we got a lot more in return. I never thought a lost game would bring us all so close, would make us love our team and our team captain Shahid Afridi to this extend and would make us welcome them all back home with such great words.

So in a way Allah did answer our prayers. We didn't win a match, but we won something a lot more than that. I am happy I belong to you Pakistan. The flag on the right hand side, is my pride.

We are a fabulous nation, we are a brave nation and above all we are a nation that gives up at nothing. Oh and we are a very creative nation. Yup! Which reminds me, now that I have time off from KPs, I have my first love back in full on swing. Work starts from today on another fabulous range of earrings. I so love earrings. Lots of new pieces coming up this week. I am excited so you should be too. Creativeness, awesomeness and fabulousness (I know there is no word as fabulousness) but for me there is. WE ARE FABULOUSNESS. All of us living in this Green and White flag's country.

So earrings will be served real soon. Freshly baked and ready for pick up!