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Monday, April 25, 2011

Why wear "happy earrings"?

The final week.....this weekend it is......the first "happy summer earrings" exhibition. When I started off the plan I had in mind a HUGE number of 500 earrings for showcasing. Then it came down to 300. Then down to 200 and now its the top 100 earrings. *sheepish smile* Even though the response to the announcement of the exhibition and the teasers has been phenomenal but I wasn't too sure in the beginning as in how people would react to an earrings only exhibition. Which is why I jumped up and got hold of that 500 number flying above me and brought it down to a number easily accessible for me which is a 100 happy earrings.

Now why should one buy earrings? I mean you have all sorts of jewelry items but why happy earrings?

- An instant face lift. Trust me bright earrings mean your face instantly looks brighter and more fresh. Tried and tested by me. =) as bright earrings reflect their colors onto your face, all you need is pretty lip gloss and happy earrings to seem totally fresh.

- Happy earrings can be worn by all. They are extremely light weight. I have very sensitive ears so heavy earrings can be quite painful after an hour or two of wearing em. Hence its quite necessary for summer earrings to be light weight and they are =D

-You're a student? Great then grab one to wear it to university and add some fun to the long study days. These earrings will make you happy enough to endure the most boring of lectures ;) So put on your skinny jeans with a kurta and flaunt happy earrings.

-You're a housewife? Then too grab one to wear around as these days with the heat wave in full action and the lawn's making you feel light and fresh, get equally light earrings to go with your daily look. Even if you're running around with kids, chores, attending a lunch or doing all of the above, still these earrings will make you look gorgeous at all times =D

-You're a working lady? Then even, pair up a happy earring pair with a block printed suit and there! A perfect work look which will make you look like a person who knows what to do and what to wear.

-If you love earrings which go with everything, from jeans, to kurtis to lawn suits then you have these happy earrings for that. I personally like earrings which I can wear with almost anything I wear. The type of the outfit or the colors should not limit me. So hence these earrings look good with anything and everything.

- You don't love earrings? Maybe you haven't given much attention to them ever. They are something so not in your list of accessories. How bout a trip to the "happy summer earrings" exhibition for a change in opinion. Earrings can be fun, funky and can be very light. Its summer so why adorn heavy accessories?

Earrings can make any outfit worth it. Take a plain white suit and jazz it up with happy earrings......what do you get? I leave the results up to your imagination......


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