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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Talent is everywhere......yup even within you....

Have you ever seen a photograph and said to yourself that I so want to take pictures like these. Have you ever seen a card and though WOW it would be so great to make something like this, would be so much fun. Has a movie, a photo shoot, or a talk with someone ever inspired you to do something creative......even if you think you might not be that good at it? You know what made me create my first earring.....I bet they themselves don't even know....but it was a fashion show by Athar Hafeez and Sabeen in the Fashion Pakistan Week 2009. You can watch it on Youtube. The show got a standing ovation from the audience. It made me fall in love with colors. So I thank them for this, if ever they come across my blog. THANK YOU for such an inspirational show.

Many times I've been asked by people, my clients, my fans......how did you manage starting this business and do you have any tips? I am no business consultant but I am just another girl living across the street so I can only inspire people with my words. So if ever you've been inspired by something creative and want to have a go at creating something of your own......some tips that I follow in my work life......for all the lovely people reading this...

- Whatever you want to create, make sure it reflects you......just like there is no one else in this world EXACTLY like you, similarly your work should be different too. You can try an art like I chose handmade accessories, so you can choose to get inspired by techniques people use, or genres in general, but ADD something that reflects your style. Like if baking, come up with unique ideas of your own, trust me once you get thinking ALOT of ideas will strike you and you'll be making oh-so-different cakes in no time.

- Make a space on a social networking site or a blog and start posting up pictures of your work, your workplace, your supplies rack, whatever it is that you're doing in your new "work life". Trust me its the most fun part of pursuing a passion. Even if you think no one is reading, just spread the word to your friends online.....and trust me SOMEONE will be reading :D but give it time to bloom....

- Keep expectations low and talent on an all time high. Lets say you see a card somewhere, online or off the net, and you feel this sudden urge to start doodling and painting.....then do not keep profit in mind or imagine a wave of fans coming your way as soon as you upload your first creation.....keep your intentions clean.....get better at what you do by polishing your talent everyday and not caring about how much you are earning, or how many people are praising you. I know that matters too, but when you keep high expectations, you lose out on the pleasure of working with a free mind.

- Someone will not care to look at something they've already seen somewhere else. So if its photography you're going for, or like me you're into jewelry pieces, or you love to bake, whatever it is......it should be uniquely yours and people should take time out to visit your page just for the joy of seeing your work if nothing else.

- These days the internet has made the world so much smaller, ideas so much easier to grasp, inspirations come to us at a click. So why not click and get great ideas. I always look out for blogs, search up how-to posts by people, get in touch with people who are in the same field and ask them about materials, techniques and what they've learnt so far......its always good as you make friends along the way.

- Always keep an idea's diary, you never know when a great idea might strike so just doodle down whatever comes to mind. Its a great thing to look back to when you reach to much better heights in your venture because the ideas that come to you in the beginning of your work are always the most striking ones.

- When I am out of ideas I just go to the nearby beads store and just stand there and look around at things. My bead wala guy now knows I create earrings so he's not bothered about me just standing in the corner looking away at things (ofcourse people with me like say Dad, or a friend do get irritated). Its a good way to spark up your imagination. Stationery stores work just as well and so do lace shops.

- Never think never. Don't underestimate your talent ever. Theres nothing you cannot do. So what if you can't get out much, so what if you're housebound due to your duties at home, studies or other reasons. Just take the plunge and make atleast one piece you adore. Even if for yourself atleast make one painting, take one photograph, bake one cake or like me make atleast one pair of earrings and feel the joy.

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