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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Earrings did have some "big shoes" to fill.....

Last week was a week of some major changes. A change which shook up my work schedule and my confidence in my work and creativity. No I am not referring to the Semi's or the World cup here, though yes the Semi's did bring in a change in me. However here I am talking about the BIG announcement I made about NO MORE KOLHAPURIS. It was a major step and a decision which made me shaky as well. I didn't know how things will move on after this major change, because KPs were one of the biggest attractions of my brand. However with extremely shaky legs I decided to move on from KPs to just jewelry pieces.

So a week later......how are things? My answer to that would be "So so good, like beyond expectations good." Alhamdulillah! I never knew earrings would be such a hit. I never thought my earrings had the capability to replace KPs, I mean they literally had big shoes to fill.....but they did so.

The "Exclusively fabulous" album worked beyond expectations too. With providing a ready to pick up range, not only are the clients happier that they can pick up what they see and wear it the same day, it also provides me with an on going work process. With orders, though I was always happy to see them, but there was a point where I couldn't keep up with things because of the amount of things I had to create, hence things were dragging and orders kept on pending for weeks. 

Also the inner artist in me was feeling down because of the orders piling up. No doubt the appreciation and comments and texts from the people who took their things after order completion took me to cloud nine but as an artist I was making the same things over and over again, and being so over loaded with orders, gave me no room to create something new. I didn't have any time to make a new piece.

I was very concerned a week ago that will I get the same love and appreciation that I got when I was making KPs with just earrings in the accessories range at the moment. Well......Allah Mian......THANK YOU.....Alhamdulillah.

So now lets get into overdrive with earrings. Lets make all the faces pretty with a pair of precious earrings......love from me to all of you!

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