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Friday, February 25, 2011


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On a break.....

Yayyyy! We are officially a 100 Kolhapuris old. Our baby brand has grown. Soon we'll be celebrating 1 year of handmade goodness. Maybe have a give away bash or something. However currently the hands behind Handmade.fabulous.fancified. are on a break and not doing much but updating Facebook, the blog and basically busy with shifting the brand to its new home on Facebook.
Anyway so I am currently on a break until March so no orders no work nothing. Just plain lazying around which was much needed as I have worked with no days off since God knows when. So its a much deserved break as well. Till I return, take care sweeties, be good and stay fabulous!

Our New Facebook home......*click*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So today......


I haven't updated the blog workwise in the past many days. Yeah there have been posts but mostly about our first ever online competition. So now its back to me, the blog and the readers from all over the world. How are you guys doing? Hope well. Its a very blessed day today and so I pray that everyone is happy, healthy and surrounded by smiles and love! Ameen!

Workwise I have been going crazy if you want a literal description of the state of things. Currently I have all 4 of the Spring editions going away to their homes simultaneously and I am trying my best to send as many as I can to their respective homes in one day. It lists lists and lists everywhere. Lists of things to do, lists of orders, lists of stock to buy, lists of people to text or call, lists of things to be couriered.

I have always been a person who would rather write down things somewhere than to just remember them. Call me old fashioned or call me plain old, its just something built-in in my system. And now I can see how it helps. Usually I remember texting someone about their order late at night which according to me is at 11 30 or quarter to 12 because I am not a late sleeper. After 12 my system shuts down. So I remember things at the oddest of times. I will remember whats missing in my stock at, again, 11 in the night, so its always better to have a list.

I so need to buy one of those organizer thinges you get because I need to have everything at one place. So with 4 different KPs going home things are going good Alhamdulillah. InshAllah planning to introduce something very new in the next few weeks but I will remain hush about it for now till it actually appears at the Facebook group and is up for sale and orders. Hope it works out just as good.

So in between the dispatching of the old and the planning and managing of the new, I still think HOW IN THE WORLD do I get time to blog or watch the tele. When my cousins come over they do exclaim that how can  you sit so idle when we think you work so much. Ummmm personally......even I don't know and I do not care.......as long as I have some time for work and some time for me......the days are sunny and happy. MashAllah!! Allah Mian has been specially graceful towards me I guess. Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah Mian for giving me all that I have today. Love, talent, a job that I absolutely love, health and above all my faith! Love to all the readers and hope you all fall in love with life too! Isn't it the best thing ever!

Monday, February 14, 2011

We've found the winner!

Finally!!!! Its the results day at our Facebook group. It was our first ever competition on Facebook and we thought it should be something which isn't just about tagging your name onto a picture or recommending your friends to join our group. We wanted it to be something special. And what was more special than this. Our "Write a love note" competition. I mean we all love the people in our lives so just to write a line or two for them in itself is such a joy.

However the entry which won were the following lines: 

"The Forever love of my Life is & always will be my Loving, Caring, Understanding, Supporting, Friend, Mentor, Guide, my *Papa*. Papa i love you so much and i never felt like counting the blessings which u have given me as they are infinite...(obviously after ALLAH). Being a father of only daughters and no son, you have never made us feel that we dont have brother & u never showed that u feel the need of a son. From picking n dropping us to school, listening to my stupid stories,taking us out for ice-creams late night, going out with me for shopping(guys know how annoying it is to shop with a girl),being my friend n getting me everything which i want and are useless but still you do that for me. N when we get angry on some thing you always get gifts n choclates plus cards for us uptill now, the best part is you never say NO for anything straight away,u always listen to us n then says make me agree to your point n then iam with you. *aww iam being senti*. neways Papa you are simply the Best Dad, you Rock :) n Ami u r soo lucky to have papa as ur life partner :-P May Allay bless you both always. Aameen, i ♥ you both :-) "

 The lines were so beautiful they made me almost drop a tear because I too am the daughter of a father who does not have sons. So its beautiful for me personally. However I did not choose the winner. The man I mentioned did. Yes my father was handed over the job of picking up the winners name from the top 5 names. He was so clueless that why am I picking up the names. But now we have the winner! Congratulations to her!

Also to all the people who did not win as I mentioned on my Facebook group that you guys have something which is far more special and expensive than what handmade.fabulous.fancified. can ever give you. LOVE! Just the fact that you guys have people in your lives for whom you have written the love note is so special. You guys have that someone. Be it parents, siblings, friends, husbands, anyone! You guys are lucky enough to write a note for them as you have their love and their presence in your life. You guys are already blessed and winners MashAllah and nothing can be more special than that.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Win a free Kolhapuri pair......

Yeah I'm feeling all lovey dovey and pink! Actually with the appreciation and love that I was getting from all my fans it was so needed to give back something to them. So the first ever freebie competition of handmade.fabulous.fancified. Starting date: February 7th 2011. Results will be announced on February 14th 2011. So all the best to my lovelies and I hope they come up with the best lines and make me even more mushy and fuzzy inside!! Spread the love with your words! Here is the link to the contest:

Oh yeah the winner gets:

- A free pair of gorgeous Kolhapuris in their size.
- A handmade card with their "lines" written in it.
- Free delivery right to their doorstep of the goodies.

Terms and conditions: 

1. Participants should be within Pakistan as the freebie can only be delivered within Pakistan.

2. The free pair of Kolhapuris will be within shoe size 6 to 10. Sizes larger or smaller than this range are not available!

3. Lines written should be original and not copy pasted from some other source. Come on people.....love itself is original isn't it.

4. Top 5 lines will be selected by the handmade.fabulous.fancified gang out of which a random draw will be made to pick the winner. Trust us we won't cheat with you guys cause we love you all!

Presenting to you....."Eccentric Fuzz Ball Kp"....

Spring is becoming better day by day. The weather is changing and its the cool breeze of Spring that brings a refreshing smile everytime isn't it? Seems like a start of something new. I love Spring! It makes one feel so light and carefree....! 

So "handmade.fabulous.fancified." is enjoying Spring alot. On the h.f.f front things are going well with our 3rd Spring edition up for grabs now. However this makes me think how many Spring editions should we have? Uhhhh.....*blink blink*....uuuummm......well who knows and who cares. Spring can be enjoyed till the time the actual heat waves of summer don't start hitting Karachi. So right now its just Spring all the way!

I am feeling particularly happy today because the weather is so nice. Feel like going out for a walk but its too sunny outside. Maybe I might even go out and sit and do nothing and just feel Spring!

Anyway so we're booking up for two KPs at the same time right now. Spring Sunshine and now the Eccentric Fuzz Ball KP. Both of them equally adorable. So a big thank you to all the people who booked up for it! You guys rock! And so do the rest of my readers and visitors! Thank you for dropping by at our blog.

Until the next words of wisdom session from me, take care and love every moment because you own it!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So now whats going on.......

Okay so I have been really busy the past one week on the home front. Hence work has been slow. I mean no matter how much I love my work and creating new things, there are times when the real person with the real life has to take over and get out of the creative world. You can't always be at work. Thats one of the drawbacks of a home based business that you don't have working hours. Though it would seem exciting to someone who works for a set amount of hours everyday, yet to the creative artist working at home it at times means loving work more than life. So at times one gets so carried away with work that you don't know where to put the fullstop. Where to tell the artist to LEAVE and the person inside the artist to come out and take care of normal daily life.

However I love working from home. I love the fact that I don't have to wake up every morning, get dressed and sleepily go to work. I hate time bounds. I hate working hours. I like to work when I want to work. If I dont feel like working then uhhh I just don't. I mean working from home means sitting in your pajamas and tee's and working away without a care, of course it must be mentioned that one looks like a dork but I love dorky!

Spring Sunshine! The 2nd Spring edition! Love!

So here is what has been accomplished by the not-so-in-sync artist this week......

- I've complete lets say half of the "Spring Blossom" orders and the rest of the half is still pending and waiting.....

- Made up the list of "Spring Sunshine" and sorted it out in the "urgent", "not that urgent" and the "chill" categories depending on who wants it when due to specific reasons.

- Today I caught up with all the emails in my inbox which were yet to be replied and now I feel so much light because I hate pending emails as there's always someone on the either side waiting for a response. Its bad to keep them pending....right?

- Lastly I am working side by side on my hand painted earring range which you see above, and InshAllah soon I want to hold an earrings only exhibition if time and energy allows me to. I can't help but love my earrings so much. I mean don't you just agree that by wearing earrings your entire look changes. Its as vital as lipstick or kohl for that matter!

- Today I plan on thinking about the next design. If inspiration hits me I shall go ahead with creating the next Spring 2011 Kolhapuri, if not then I shall save it for a better day.

Okay guys now theres alot to be tackled on the work front so wish me luck and loads of luck and duas and wishes coming your way from me! Have a great day!

Keep on getting inspired and loving creativity!