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Monday, February 14, 2011

We've found the winner!

Finally!!!! Its the results day at our Facebook group. It was our first ever competition on Facebook and we thought it should be something which isn't just about tagging your name onto a picture or recommending your friends to join our group. We wanted it to be something special. And what was more special than this. Our "Write a love note" competition. I mean we all love the people in our lives so just to write a line or two for them in itself is such a joy.

However the entry which won were the following lines: 

"The Forever love of my Life is & always will be my Loving, Caring, Understanding, Supporting, Friend, Mentor, Guide, my *Papa*. Papa i love you so much and i never felt like counting the blessings which u have given me as they are infinite...(obviously after ALLAH). Being a father of only daughters and no son, you have never made us feel that we dont have brother & u never showed that u feel the need of a son. From picking n dropping us to school, listening to my stupid stories,taking us out for ice-creams late night, going out with me for shopping(guys know how annoying it is to shop with a girl),being my friend n getting me everything which i want and are useless but still you do that for me. N when we get angry on some thing you always get gifts n choclates plus cards for us uptill now, the best part is you never say NO for anything straight away,u always listen to us n then says make me agree to your point n then iam with you. *aww iam being senti*. neways Papa you are simply the Best Dad, you Rock :) n Ami u r soo lucky to have papa as ur life partner :-P May Allay bless you both always. Aameen, i ♥ you both :-) "

 The lines were so beautiful they made me almost drop a tear because I too am the daughter of a father who does not have sons. So its beautiful for me personally. However I did not choose the winner. The man I mentioned did. Yes my father was handed over the job of picking up the winners name from the top 5 names. He was so clueless that why am I picking up the names. But now we have the winner! Congratulations to her!

Also to all the people who did not win as I mentioned on my Facebook group that you guys have something which is far more special and expensive than what handmade.fabulous.fancified. can ever give you. LOVE! Just the fact that you guys have people in your lives for whom you have written the love note is so special. You guys have that someone. Be it parents, siblings, friends, husbands, anyone! You guys are lucky enough to write a note for them as you have their love and their presence in your life. You guys are already blessed and winners MashAllah and nothing can be more special than that.

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ReeBz said...

wow beautiful lines. i feel touched cause my father also dun have sons. so its common with all three of us.
congrats qurat:)
and i'm happy that i was declared runnerup in your contest:)

those lines from my poem made the best pal of my life happiest few years back:) and now the very same lines made me happy today :)
thanks hera :)

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