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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So now whats going on.......

Okay so I have been really busy the past one week on the home front. Hence work has been slow. I mean no matter how much I love my work and creating new things, there are times when the real person with the real life has to take over and get out of the creative world. You can't always be at work. Thats one of the drawbacks of a home based business that you don't have working hours. Though it would seem exciting to someone who works for a set amount of hours everyday, yet to the creative artist working at home it at times means loving work more than life. So at times one gets so carried away with work that you don't know where to put the fullstop. Where to tell the artist to LEAVE and the person inside the artist to come out and take care of normal daily life.

However I love working from home. I love the fact that I don't have to wake up every morning, get dressed and sleepily go to work. I hate time bounds. I hate working hours. I like to work when I want to work. If I dont feel like working then uhhh I just don't. I mean working from home means sitting in your pajamas and tee's and working away without a care, of course it must be mentioned that one looks like a dork but I love dorky!

Spring Sunshine! The 2nd Spring edition! Love!

So here is what has been accomplished by the not-so-in-sync artist this week......

- I've complete lets say half of the "Spring Blossom" orders and the rest of the half is still pending and waiting.....

- Made up the list of "Spring Sunshine" and sorted it out in the "urgent", "not that urgent" and the "chill" categories depending on who wants it when due to specific reasons.

- Today I caught up with all the emails in my inbox which were yet to be replied and now I feel so much light because I hate pending emails as there's always someone on the either side waiting for a response. Its bad to keep them pending....right?

- Lastly I am working side by side on my hand painted earring range which you see above, and InshAllah soon I want to hold an earrings only exhibition if time and energy allows me to. I can't help but love my earrings so much. I mean don't you just agree that by wearing earrings your entire look changes. Its as vital as lipstick or kohl for that matter!

- Today I plan on thinking about the next design. If inspiration hits me I shall go ahead with creating the next Spring 2011 Kolhapuri, if not then I shall save it for a better day.

Okay guys now theres alot to be tackled on the work front so wish me luck and loads of luck and duas and wishes coming your way from me! Have a great day!

Keep on getting inspired and loving creativity!

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