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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So today......


I haven't updated the blog workwise in the past many days. Yeah there have been posts but mostly about our first ever online competition. So now its back to me, the blog and the readers from all over the world. How are you guys doing? Hope well. Its a very blessed day today and so I pray that everyone is happy, healthy and surrounded by smiles and love! Ameen!

Workwise I have been going crazy if you want a literal description of the state of things. Currently I have all 4 of the Spring editions going away to their homes simultaneously and I am trying my best to send as many as I can to their respective homes in one day. It lists lists and lists everywhere. Lists of things to do, lists of orders, lists of stock to buy, lists of people to text or call, lists of things to be couriered.

I have always been a person who would rather write down things somewhere than to just remember them. Call me old fashioned or call me plain old, its just something built-in in my system. And now I can see how it helps. Usually I remember texting someone about their order late at night which according to me is at 11 30 or quarter to 12 because I am not a late sleeper. After 12 my system shuts down. So I remember things at the oddest of times. I will remember whats missing in my stock at, again, 11 in the night, so its always better to have a list.

I so need to buy one of those organizer thinges you get because I need to have everything at one place. So with 4 different KPs going home things are going good Alhamdulillah. InshAllah planning to introduce something very new in the next few weeks but I will remain hush about it for now till it actually appears at the Facebook group and is up for sale and orders. Hope it works out just as good.

So in between the dispatching of the old and the planning and managing of the new, I still think HOW IN THE WORLD do I get time to blog or watch the tele. When my cousins come over they do exclaim that how can  you sit so idle when we think you work so much. Ummmm personally......even I don't know and I do not care.......as long as I have some time for work and some time for me......the days are sunny and happy. MashAllah!! Allah Mian has been specially graceful towards me I guess. Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah Mian for giving me all that I have today. Love, talent, a job that I absolutely love, health and above all my faith! Love to all the readers and hope you all fall in love with life too! Isn't it the best thing ever!

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