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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Presenting to you....."Eccentric Fuzz Ball Kp"....

Spring is becoming better day by day. The weather is changing and its the cool breeze of Spring that brings a refreshing smile everytime isn't it? Seems like a start of something new. I love Spring! It makes one feel so light and carefree....! 

So "handmade.fabulous.fancified." is enjoying Spring alot. On the h.f.f front things are going well with our 3rd Spring edition up for grabs now. However this makes me think how many Spring editions should we have? Uhhhh.....*blink blink*....uuuummm......well who knows and who cares. Spring can be enjoyed till the time the actual heat waves of summer don't start hitting Karachi. So right now its just Spring all the way!

I am feeling particularly happy today because the weather is so nice. Feel like going out for a walk but its too sunny outside. Maybe I might even go out and sit and do nothing and just feel Spring!

Anyway so we're booking up for two KPs at the same time right now. Spring Sunshine and now the Eccentric Fuzz Ball KP. Both of them equally adorable. So a big thank you to all the people who booked up for it! You guys rock! And so do the rest of my readers and visitors! Thank you for dropping by at our blog.

Until the next words of wisdom session from me, take care and love every moment because you own it!

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