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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lets get back to being fabulous......

So yeah I admit things have been slow on the work front, almost dead but not totally. With the last one week totally dedicated to cricket and what a week it has been. Its made me realize that a lot of times when we think our prayers go unanswered, they are actually getting answered and we don't seem to realize it.

This is my second blog post which isn't related to my work as this is officially my work blog. And ironically both this posts have been about a fabulous place called Pakistan. Love!!! I saw such a big change in the past one week, saw a spirit in every single Pakistani which I didn't even know existed, saw a unity which till now was unknown to me, and above all saw GREEN everywhere.

Though we didn't win the semi final at World Cup 2011, but in return to our non stop prayers on 30th March, we got a lot more in return. I never thought a lost game would bring us all so close, would make us love our team and our team captain Shahid Afridi to this extend and would make us welcome them all back home with such great words.

So in a way Allah did answer our prayers. We didn't win a match, but we won something a lot more than that. I am happy I belong to you Pakistan. The flag on the right hand side, is my pride.

We are a fabulous nation, we are a brave nation and above all we are a nation that gives up at nothing. Oh and we are a very creative nation. Yup! Which reminds me, now that I have time off from KPs, I have my first love back in full on swing. Work starts from today on another fabulous range of earrings. I so love earrings. Lots of new pieces coming up this week. I am excited so you should be too. Creativeness, awesomeness and fabulousness (I know there is no word as fabulousness) but for me there is. WE ARE FABULOUSNESS. All of us living in this Green and White flag's country.

So earrings will be served real soon. Freshly baked and ready for pick up!

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