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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Know this crazy designer.......

Some random points about this crazy designer:

- I love the sun. Quite opposite to people living in Karachi or Pakistan in general because we get too much sunlight but I love sunlight. It makes me happy and makes my world seem brighter.

-I don't like mithai. Not even a bit. No offense to all who do like it but I prefer ice cream, cakes, chocolates and even sheer khorma as opposed to mithai.

-I am a morning person. I love getting things done in the morning. If I have to start on a piece I will start on it as soon as I'm done with breakfast. I love that time. 

- I'm quite desi when it comes to fashion. I love ethnic things. But sometimes I think I have phases. Sometimes I do have a month where I go all retro with things. But on the average I'm a rural gal maybe cause my roots are there.

- I can't calculate. Just can't! Thank God there are cellphones. 

- I'm a shy person. Well my close friends would say I talk ALOT, but people who have just met me a few times only would say I am more of a snob. I'm not, its just that it takes time for me to become my real friendly self around people.

- I love my family and friends! They are food for my soul!

The latest pair of earrings lying on my last year Eid dress which
I embroidered myself. Back then I wasn't the accessory designer.


Roshni said...

Ice cream over mithai ANYDAY man! -hi5- Those blue stones in the earrings are gorgeous!

ph_the princess said...

hmm nice :) you are the best the way you are :)
P.S I hate mithae too !

Americanising Desi said...

you are one hell of a lady sweetie :)

all my love and luck for you !!!

ReeBz said...


hera k said...

Thank you all!!! I did reply to these comments last night......my reply never showed up......hmph!! Anyway....thank youuuuuu!! =D

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