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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A speed bump....

   I know I havent posted in the past 2 or 3 days and the way I am I have to share my work pictures or show my work to someone every single day to get on with it. Its a total rush. An addiction for me you can say. BUT! My keyboard had given up on me so it was a major speed bump.I still have so many pictures to update and people to answer to but thanks to the speed bump things came on an almost halt. However I got a few things sorted out. They include:

- Getting my Facebook id reactivated. As previously I had said my friend S was moving abroad and with another bestest friend already abroad, my empty msn was no use. Its become lousy. No one is ever online. So I had to reactivate Facebook to get in touch with them. Though I am still not quite forgiving when it comes to this social networking site. I am still a bit cross.

- Okay so here is to all the people who wanted to see my work in detail and who wanted more of Kolhapuri pictures, more of earring pictures, more of information, more of everything about Hera K accessories. Its the Facebook group. Join us! Facebook us!

- Went for my weekly beads and threads shopping. I still wish I owned a bead store. Life would have been easier, fun and more colourful.

- Lastly, I have completed a few of my desi line of accessories out of which one is underneath in the picture. The rest you shall find on the Facebook group in detail.

Tomorrow. Its the desi Kolhapuri pictures coming up. And its not the sock shoe look. Its a simple Kolhapuri, high on desiness and colour!


Princess said...

Key board crises are very bad indeed ....waiting to see more of your talent girl +)

hera k said...

I know its the worst thing ever! Dont worry next post coming right up!

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