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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let's have some ronak shonak......

I know I know the title above is from a movie song and we all know which one it is. But I don't know why everytime I see this Kolhapuri of mine I think of this song. Its so totally the ronak shonak types. Such a colourful little piece. And MashAllah its been a major hit. Therefore coming back for orders from the 18th of March that is tomorrow. 

I hope I do not disappoint anyone because of my limit of taking only 20 orders. Come on sweeties its the handmade business which means a pair of hands can only do this much. Forgive me if I miss out on any of your orders.

I know its going to be such a ride completing orders for this one because 20 in a week is something I haven't attempted so far so this one is a first time at it and I hope things go smoothly. Allah Mian I know you're holding my finger through all this and teaching me how to walk step by step in this business. From making one Kolhapuri in a week (yeah I was that slow when I started) to now 20 in a week. I know He is holding me up through this and teaching me the do's and don'ts. Alhamdulillah. 

So let the orders commence........starting......18th March 2011.......12 a.m sharp ;)

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