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Monday, March 7, 2011

My birthday......*smiles and giggles*

I am still as lazy as a cat when it comes to work. However that does not mean I am not working. Not at all. I am still in rounds of completing the pending orders which moved from pre break to post break phase. My aim is to complete and get all the pending orders to their owners before I start taking orders on the new design. That could however mean a shift in the dates of my comeback and the launch of the new KP I have in mind. I don't mind that at all. As it is work-wise my birthday is coming up on the 15th of this month so maybe I can bring in the new design on the 15th. What say dear me? Do you agree with it? *Me is thinking*.......*still thinking*..........*blink blink*.........Okay nevermind. I know my mind will not respond as its got too much to do and is busy elsewhere. I'll just go with my heart.......whenever the new design is supposed to hit the page.....it will.

My first birthday, my first year of working as an accessory maker/designer has been full of ups and downs, highs and lows but what made it so perfect was the love I have got from all over the globe. I have made friends, I have made fans and I have inspired people as well which is what I get to hear from alot of my customers/clients/blog followers, etc. Alot of people tell me that I have inspired them to start something of their own. Its been alot frequent nowadays that people say these lines to me. All I can say is Alhamdulillah. I want to shout out this word from my rooftop right now. I mean how else can one explain miracles. Its only Him up above who makes them happen right? And how can I ever thank Him enough? 

Also to the people who got inspired by me and came up to me to tell me that, A BIG AND HUMBLE THANK YOU. Trust me I am as ordinary as you guys. Those who have met me know that. I am no super human being and I am definitely no BIG designer. I am just me. So if this me can do it so can all of you guys. Surely there are bad times, but the start of something is the toughest part. Once you make it through you're a winner. In my eyes I believe everyone can do what they want to do with their lives, just a little determination is needed.

For me till today it has been a mystery as to how and why things have worked out so well as they have. I do not take any credit for it. I am extremely humbled and so grateful to all those who have appreciated my work. To me my success has been a gift from Allah I guess. Thank you Allah Tallah. Thank you so very very much. Alhamdulillah! You have given me what I have today, one year after that first tiny earring exhibition. 


Feminine said...

Aww such pretty kolhapuri. So dainty!

hera k said...

Thank you :)

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