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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 10, 2011......my mini vacation ends.......

The precious ones getting picked up today.

*Stretch* I've become a lazy little thing over my mini vacation period. Actually firstly it was a sick leave cause I had the famous "flu" that every other person in Karachi has these days. Secondly once I got over the flu I thought I need time off. Actually I was enjoying the time off. No running about the whole day, no pending lists, no countdowns, nothing! It was like bliss. Maybe because I hadn't taken this kind of time off in the past 6 months.

Anway so now things are again going to be a race against time. On the 10th its going to be ready steady.......WORK!!!! Thats cause on the 10th of March I have in my mind, set up the date for the new KP (kolhapuri) to hit the Facebook page for orders. I hope it is much loved like all the rest of the Kolhapuris have been so far *InshAllah*

So I am kinda nervous because alot of expectations are out there and plus considering the sea of orders already awaiting me with the older pairs. HOW WILL I EVER MANAGEE???? (By the way this shriek was actually my mind taking over my hands and typing what it thinks) but in my heart I know with all the love and with every happy text that I get when I complete an order and its picked up by its owner, I get more strength, more energy, forget the red all this love is like rainbow bull to me when it comes to energizing! A happy customer is like a high!!!!

Also what happened during the break is that I conducted a lil poll on my Facebook page. Click here to check the poll out. Pretty interesting for me to see that people are actually taking time out to vote. Love you sweeties for doing so! So the results are......ain't telling till its out on the Facebook page. Me don't cheat. Me will announce the result only on the day its my comeback to work. 

P.S while I am blogging might as well give a shout out for my country!!! Win win win!!! Bring home the World cup! Love you Pakistan. Infact I adore you!


the green goblin said...

Hey Hera,

I'm the Fashion Editor at Women's Own magazine and we'd love to feature your accessories in the magazine. We've got our Annual issue coming up this April and we're currently working on it.

Do let me know if you're interested, I can be contacted via email at sherazade.khan@gmail.com

Kind regards,

Sherazade Khan

Fashion Editor
Women's Own Magazine

4-C, 14th Commercial Street
Phase 2 extension, DHA,
Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: +92-21-35805391-6

hera k said...

Hello Sherazade,

Thank you so much for dropping by at my blog. I will surely get in touch with you. Email coming to you soon......


Lots of love!

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