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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to order "handmade.fabulous.fancified." goodies?

Our  Kolhapuris! <3 love!

A big smiley hi to whoever is reading this note =D

This is a all new "how to order Handmade.fabulous.fancified goodies?" post because of all the queries of the new people joining the Facebook page and coming to the blog. Hence this is a new and improved note on how you can own a Kolhapuri pair from "Handmade.fabulous.fancified."

"Handmade.fabulous.fancified." is a tiny home based brand which makes hand embellished Kolhapuris and its an online business which means all orders booked are done through email as we do not have an outlet or stock anywhere else.

Every week a Kolhapuri is uploaded on the Facebook page and this is the "KP of the week" which means for that particular week orders will be booked on this particular KP. Limited orders are taken on each KP usually from 5 to 10 orders maximum. So if you land on our Facebook page and you like the KP of the week then check the last status message posted by the brand profile to check if there are slots available for orders or all orders have been booked.

So you land on the Facebook page, you check the last status message posted up by "handmade.fabulous.fancified." and it says that there are slots remaining then GREAT!!! Quickly send an email to handmade.fabulous.fancified@gmail.com to book an order slot. In your email include the name of the KP you are ordering for example "Velvet.love" KP. Also include your shoe size which you wear in normal everyday shoes, and your contact number so that you can be contacted when your KP is ready for pick up. Also mention whether you want the Kolhapuri in beige or dark chocolate color.

Once your email is sent then you will receive a confirmation email regarding your order. Usually your order will be ready within 7 to 10 working days and as soon as it is ready for pick up you will receive a text from us with the address details as to where you can pick up your KP parcel from. :)

Karachites can pick up their order from the address provided to them and pay in cash on the collection of their order. Meanwhile if you are not in Karachi even then, no worries, as when we contact you that your order is complete you can simply send a money order through the post. As soon as we receive your payment we will courier the items. However for courier services add an additional Rs. 200/- (or more depending on the amount of things you order) to your grand total and that will be a part of the payment you make to us.

Hope the instructions are simple and easy to follow for all our lovely fans! We love handmade things and we want you to love them too! Order one and you'll see how much you love it!

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