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Monday, June 20, 2011

Aww I missed you blog!!! *big fat hug to my blog*

The KPs......it was such an Oh em geee moment making KPs after sooo long!

It seems like ages I haven't blogged. About anything.......specially not about work. Maybe because there was no work to talk about. I had injured my finger joint back in April, which should've healed by now if I had let it, but I was not a good kid and kept on working with the needle hence my finger joint never got that break to heal. So now after a month of total rest, except for the cooking part which has made me a bit fatter (Thank you Allah Mian, I no longer look like a walking stick), I am back to making KPs. Yayyyy!!! Though taking things real slow right now, but posting up a KP in the ready to pick up album felt soo soooo good!!

First of all before blabbering any more I want to thank all of my fans who asked me through texts or by writing on the page wall about my injury and those smiley "Get well soon"s, it meant so much sweeties. Thank you so so very much. You guys are absolutely adorable and I am so lucky to have such fans of my work who take time out to write all those sweet things.....=D

Secondly a huge sorry to all those people who sent me queries, mails and wrote on my wall and I haven't been able to reply because I have hardly been online for long in the past one month and specially with not much work happening I hardly logged into my gmail. Apologies on my part!!!

So now.....its slowly and gradually getting back to work and reshaping H.F.F .........love, smiles and duas from me to all my lovelies!!

P.S the "handmade.fabulous.fancified." page has 1500 + fans......something I dreamed of when I started the page........and its now come true.......:D :D Alhamdulillah!

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