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Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 weeks later.....

Its been 3 weeks since I officially got back to work after a 2 month hiatus and now things are picking up. I like! I think things are going more smoothly this time around. Maybe its cause I have tried to keep things more organized this time. I don't spend as much time online as I used to previously though its tempting but I try to keep my mind off it. Also I have set a timetable for my working hours which was previously non-existent so that really helps as now I have time to enjoy my second love.....cooking!

Apart from that the work front has been affected by the city situation which at times does get depressing but then again there is still hope. I love it how Karachi never gives up. Its got a life and a will to live. After every bad day there comes a morning where life is so normal that you hardly believe that yesterday things were so bad. I love you Karachi!!!

Though the city situation has sort of shaken up my schedule as pick ups get delayed at times and stock doesn't arrive on time but hey, that's all a part of the bargain.

Days are rushing by so quickly and soon it will be Ramadan. Which makes me think should there be a separate KP collection for Eid? There should be one. I mean we deck up so much for weddings and spend loads and loads on every detail of the outfits we'll wear to so and so wedding then WHY NOT EID? I mean after all there are only 2 Eids in a year and since its a festival given to us by Allah we should be really really happy bout it. So yes there should be a collection for Eid.

These day a lot of people are sort of being judgmental about why the Kolhapuris present on the page have such high prices so I thought I would write a little note to the concerned. First of all your criticism is good as it will make me work harder on my designs and maybe the last KP of the week has not been as awesome as it should have. Thank you for the criticism Lovelies as otherwise maybe I wouldn't work so hard on the next design. =)

However for the pricing of the KPs heres what I have to say in a few lines....

Recently mostly everything has been touched by the price hike fever. Prices of the basic KPs that I get from my vendor, to the embellishement material, to the threads, etc. have gone up so hence it is understandable that the prices of my KPs will go up too. Secondly a simple example will be that everyone can bake a cake. Yet we go to a bakery or a special cake artist to get the cake we want. Why so? Its because these days when life doesn't give you even a second's rest, you want something which is instantly available and you don't have to take time out to create it. Yes you can bake a cake at home and it will be lesser in price than the one you buy from somewhere but it also means that you will have to spend that one day baking the cake instead of doing other things. Similarly hand embellished KPs can be made by you as well, but do you want to take out those 3 days working with the needle on a KP or buy it from someone who already knows the do's and don'ts of stitching up a KP. Yes the price will be higher but in the end you're getting a pretty KP, all stitched to make it last and you don't even have to work hard for it. You're not only paying for the KP but you're paying for those 2 to 3 days that someone has spent stitching your KP so that it is as perfect as possible, just for you. =)

I hope the next time around my design doesn't disappoint my fans on the page. I seriously love you all even if you criticize my designs because if you didn't maybe I would be flying a little too high for my own good. YOU keep me grounded.


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