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Monday, July 4, 2011

A tiny guide to Kolhapuri care.....

The "handmade.fabulous.fancified.tiny guide to Kolhapuri care" is being written specially for our newer customers who are investing in a hand embellished kolhapuri for the first time. As a brand we feel complete responsibility of letting our customers know what our products are like and we don't want to make any false claims to make our products sell.

Basically our Kolhapuris are handmade and hand embellished. It is a fact that handmade things are not as tough as machine made things are. Leather is a material which will wear out with constant use and also lose shape with wear and tear. However there are certain things you can do to keep your KPs looking nice, shiny and make em last longer.

- Firstly if you are investing in a hand embellished kolhapuri then
remember handmade things are delicate so they need special care. Do not use your Kolhapuri roughly. Rough use will damage the Kolhapuri. So save it for special days as you would do with any other special shoe.

- At all times keep your Kolhapuri away from water. Leather will lose shape and become grungy if it comes in contact with water. You will end up with extremely loose Kolhapuris and the damage will be permanent so hence no KPs on rainy days.

-Beige colored KPs tend to get dirty very easily due to their color and start looking worn out way before time. So how to keep a beige colored KP shiny and brand new? Every time you use your KP, when you get back home and take it off try putting a bit of moisturizing lotion on a piece of cotton and wipe the base clean. This way the dirt gets wiped off and the leather becomes nice and shiny. ( Do not try this on dark colored KPs or else the color will come off)

- If you are not using your Kolhapuris then its best to keep them wrapped in a plastic/paper bag and stored in a drawer or cupboard. Kolhapuris piled up with other shoes may cause unnecessary tugging and pulling to them which is not good.

- Once in a while if you want you can dust your Kolhapuri base with some good smelling talcum powder (only a small dusting alright sweeties) to keep the KP smelling fresh and nice. 

We know from this post the KP sounds like a high maintenance sandal but this post is just to ensure that you make the most out of little piece of art, this little treasure that you buy from us......the handmade.fabulous.fancified. KP!

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