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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A few places worth a *click*.....

I love hopping through blogs, checking out different sites on the net and if you've landed here on my blog then I am sure you're just like me......a happy reader who loves to read blogs and find some awesome sites online....... so a smile and hello to you and also I present to you my tiny little list of sites that I have either bookmarked or I remember em so clearly due to everyday visits that I don't even have to bookmark em.....I have categorized em so that you can click according to your interest......

So my first category of must-visit sites is my Deen. Here are some blogs that I visit everyday to get a dose of Imaan boosters. I have found it through experience that our minds in this world are very forgetful, we tend to forget what is real and what is an illusion. So we need to refresh our minds everyday to keep a healthy Imaan. So here are some awesome sites which inspire me in so many different ways.....

http://smilingunderthebluesky.tumblr.com/ ( This is my own personal Tumblr blog where I collect the pictures and sayings about my Deen which inspire me and turn my attention towards Allah SWT)

http://ajarfullofdreams.tumblr.com/   (One of the best fellow Tumblr blogs that I have come across. I mean this blog is like a magical world for people who loves quotes, beautiful pictures and want to be inspired to be a better Muslim. I am amused by the collection of sayings and quotes that are present on this blog. Seriously......its love! If you love reading you will totally love this site)

http://ihavefaith.tumblr.com/  (This is the first Islamic Tumblr blog I came across 6 months ago. Got to it by randomly browsing blogs and I have not stopped following this one. Went through so many older posts for weeks because its such an awesome site)

http://poeticislam.tumblr.com/  (If you are like me......and pictures inspire you and move you...... then here is a blog belonging to two girls who are only 17 yet they know so much about Deen and I am in awe of their attachment to Islam. I am an absolute fan. Being so young and yet being so aware of the realities which we all tend to ignore. They have a gorgeous blog with pictures of mosques, places from all around the world, Ahadith and sayings and plus you can ask em anything to increase your knowledge and they answer.)

http://islamicthinking.tumblr.com/  (Another blog that I visit almost everyday. The best of inspiring pictures, sayings and quotes, Ahadith and what I love the most in this blog is the inspiring stories which are posted from time to time. If you've got a moment scroll through the older posts here and read a few......you'll get hooked to them in no time.)

http://islamicquotes.wordpress.com/   (Sayings of RasoolAllah SAW and the Sahaba, incidents from their lives, stories worth a read as they are so inspiring, its a must read blog even if you read a little a day.)

http://www.sayingsofthesalaf.net/  (As the blog title says this blog is dedicated to the sayings of the Sahaba and the first three generations of Islam. I love reading it because I feel the wisdom present in those times is somehow lacking these days. That immense faith on Allah SWT is not to be found today. Its really inspiring how the people then didn't have the access to knowledge we have today yet they really were much ahead of us in wisdom and insight.)


Now moving on to my favorite creative sites where I drop by when I have nothing to do or I am stuck in a block and cannot think up of anything......though most of these sites have nothing to do with jewelry or accessory making yet they are inspiring......

http://pinterest.com/   (Mostly all the creative people must be aware of Pinterest. Its like an all in all index of inspiring ideas. From cooking to Do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas, to home decor........its all there. You will get the hang of it after using it a few times but it is absolutely addictive so you are being warned.)

http://shabbyblogsblog.blogspot.com/  (Just looking at this blog inspires me. Oh and my blog template is from their site too, however this link leads to their blog not the site. This blog gives away awesome freebies for scrap-booking and online image editing as well. Its SUCH a pretty site.)

http://kevinandamanda.com/fonts/fontsforpeas/  (Are you just as addicted to hand-written fonts as I am? Are you? *smiles* then here it is. The best collection of handwritten fonts available for free. They are uber cool. However if you are using them for a business/commercial purpose then do write to Kevin and Amanda to ask for permission.)

http://anindiansummer-design.blogspot.com/  (I have been hooked to this site since the past 2 years and trust me it hasn't disappointed me once. Its an Indian site about home decor ideas from around the world and also the writer shares some awesome sites for shopping and ideas from time to time. It is a must visit if you're majorly into interiors.)


So there.......the first part of my must-visit links. Maybe I'll add some more to this list when I get the time and also as I discover more and more sites. Hope these sites inspire you as well. I should get going now as Eid is still here and today is another day of meeting and greeting everyone....... loads of smiles.......

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