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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New name, new people, new US!

Things have been so so busy that I'm kinda getting a bit.......delusional.....is there such a word? Seriously I got up one morning a few days ago and I thought to myself that Wow, I've been sleeping for so long this evening! So basically right now my judgement of day and night has been messed up with working late nights, waking up late in the morning and then running around the whole day.

Okay moving on to "brand talk". We are changing our name. The new name hasnt been deicded yet but with my new partner I dont think Hera K accessories is good enough because then where is my sweet little partner's name in this. So we want a totally new name. Soon the new name and logo will be revealed. Any ideas for names which have H and F both in them. I thought up of "handmade.fabulous.fancified". What say bloggers? Do you think it would work as an accessory brand name? Let me know ideas. We need something!

And yes we are officially launching in November with our first ever launch exhibition. Not the ones that I've been doing solo at home just for family and friends. This is the real thing. The details will be posted up soon. I will post up the launch exhibition poster here and on our Facebook and Offstreet links. So keep checking and do drop by and shop and meet us! =D

Okay I shall leave now but hope you guys have awesome days ahead and lots of smiles coming your way. Until I post again....... =)


Princess said...

I am so pleased at your success mashallah keep up the good work :D You are in my prayers :)
lets see now a name from H and F hmmm
I'll let you know if I come up with anything :)

ReeBz said...

Woww mashaAllah I'm really excited and it was lovely to watch the talent growing in you and now mashaAllah you are soon to have your own unique identity!
Keep it UP!!

hera k said...

Princess and Reebz: Thank you soooo much guys. You guys were the ones who made me kick start things in the first place. It was this blog and the comments of my awesome readers who made me take the next step. Big hug to all you sweeties. Love you all!

ReeBz said...

My pleasure=)
our prayers are with you!

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