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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Rust-ic ones!

So here is the latest pair. Rust suede with beads, stones, everything on it! Basically I go with instinct when it comes to choosing colours, beads, stones, etc. I dont really think. Just whatever feels right at that moments is on the Kolhapuri.

These days have been hectic when it comes to work. Not only have I been at it in all my free time but also because promoting a new brand is kinda not as easy. I've been going crazy bombarding Facebook, Offstreets, friends, anyone I can find about the brand. Well you know all the famous brands out there probably didnt get famous over night.

However sometimes I think to myself what do I want to achieve? Is it being a huge brand name with people rushing and squashing each other at my exhibitions? Or is the part where I dont have to work like hell in a 9-5 job and yet earn? Or is it the creative pleasure? I think for me it has to be all three. Yeah Im greedy =P Actually my work for me takes up different meanings and roles at different points of time. I am not an ambitious person. Extremely laid back and lazy is what my friends would describe me as if you ask them. I wasnt really the sort who would want a full on career but here I am doing something that I love to bits!

So basically my work for me is my identity when it comes to telling people who I am. My work is my achievement, a mental C.V so to say where I note down what all I have achieved and created till now. It becomes my saviour on my needy rainy days ;) and above all its my way to relax. I know its something I will keep on doing and its something for which I dont have to miss out on anything. My kinda job!

This pair is a Size 9. Click for details

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