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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happiness to me is.....

I loved this quote the minute I saw it. Its so right. When I was teaching for a year I was just teaching and not really enjoying what I did. Yeah of course it felt great to receive the pay check but apart from that there was no thrill. No offense to all the teachers out there who do a tremendous job of it, you guys are the people who make ordinary beings like me smart enough to be able to blog. You guys make us what we are today. And plus when I got into the teaching field myself, it made me respect my teachers so much more because I had a hands-on experience of how it was to handle a classroom full of children. Hats off to all the teachers in the world for taking out precious time from their lives to teach.

However to me creativity is what I live for. I always knew I wanted to take up art right from the days when I drew with crayons. What aspect of art or creativity I would take up as a career just fell into place by itself. So to me HAPPINESS is this. I am living my own dream. Designing and creating gorgeous footwear that I love.

How do I get the designs I make is still a mystery to me as well. It just happens in a split second where I just pair up a few materials and I just know how the completed pair would look. However that moment is sheer happiness. Each new design from start to finish is such a thrill. In the end clicking snaps of my own creations and looking at them on my desktop day after day is happiness personified!

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