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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why choose handmade things?

In a world filled with machines and life moving at the speed of light, why would one go about choosing something that is handmade? It was question that I also thought of when I had first started with handmade things specially kolhapuris. Why would someone come to me to get kolhapuris made when they can go ahead to any other shop in the market and buy a sandal or flip flop for themselves?

Here are the few thoughts which came into my mind when I questioned myself that why would I ever buy something handmade?

- Firstly because someone has actually taken time out to stitch that particular thing with love and care just for me. Its not just a factory producing things where what comes out of the machines is just packed and loaded onto vehicles to be delivered. Its something that someone has sat down, thought of, and stitched every single stitch with care just for YOU.

- Secondly in today's world where everything is mass produced, handmade things cannot be mass produced. Hence the idea behind making handmade accessories was that at one time only 2 or 3 people would own what you have, which makes it unique. The thought that maybe a few people have the piece that I am wearing today and its sold no where else in the world is quite precious, isn't it?

- Handmade things are beautiful. No matter how beautiful machine made things look, the charm of a handmade accessory shows when its worn. Just the fact that it is not perfect to the core has its own charm because thats the beauty of it. They look natural and pretty.

So fall in love with handmade accessories and atleast own one handmade accessory. Astonish the world with something which only you have!

Remember the earrings and KPs you buy won't be present at a million stores around the world. Maybe another 20 people might have it max but when you compare this figure to the amount of production machine made items have, thousands and thousands, it seems like a pretty unique number..... :)

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