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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Kolhapuri designer?

From being a textile design student to making handmade earrings for a simple past time to now "the kolhapuri designer", its been a weird journey and above all it was never planned. I guess that is the best part of it all that things just fell into place on their own. I never ever would have thought I would be creating shoes out of all the accessories in the world and that too Kolhapuris.

From my teens I was always a person who noticed shoes, the first thing, when I met a person. I dont know why and I still dont like the habit but however I feel the shoes you wear and the way you match this particular accessory with your entire outfit speaks volumes about your personality. Though its a lousy way of judging people and I dont judge people on just this. I've learnt that first impressions are never correct. I dont believe in basing your judgement on a first impression. No way!

Anyway so why Kolhapuris then. I have no clue. I got the idea while I was on phone with a friend. To me Kolhapuris are the most friendly flat sandals ever and plus they are in our DNA since they are truely something from this part of the world. However all I do is jazz them up. I just do what I love and what comes to mind.

Now I cant imagine a life without creating something new each day. Its such a rush. However at times I do miss my idle days but it still cant beat the feeling that one gets when you hold your very own designed and stitched pair of new Kolhapuris in your hand. Thats love!

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Princess said...

You know what they say everything happens for the betterment and indeed she :) Shoe designing is really an interesting job especially kolhapuries !
I have prayed for you and inshallah you'll flourish a lot :)
Wish to buy from you soon ( *sighs* I wish I knew how to drive , all those tempting accesories are really driving me crazy when all I can do is just watch :( Ah well =/ )
Many many prayers :) THUMBS UP

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