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Friday, November 5, 2010

A must read for all our fans and customers.....

You may call this a disclaimer or guidelines, but to us this is vital information that is a must-know for each and every one of our customers. To all those who plan on coming to our Launch and ordering or buying stuff we just want to give out a few points about our products so that you know what you are buying. As a brand we feel complete responsibility of letting our customers know what our products are like and we don't want to make any false claims to make our products sell.

Basically our products specially Kolhapuris are handmade and hand embellished. It is a fact that handmade things are not as tough as machine made things are. But thats the difference we are bringing into the huge fashion industry. As the tag line of the following website says PEOPLE NOT FACTORIES, thats exactly what handmade things are all about. They are unique and more like a piece of art than a random accessory.

Leather or Kolhapuris to be precise tend to wear out with time. So we would want to give you guys some points to make your Kolhapuris last longer.

- Handmade things are delicate so they need special care. Do not use your Kolhapuri roughly. Rough use will damage the Kolhapuri. So save it for special days as you would do with any other special shoe.

- Keep your Kolhapuri away from water and keep it packed when not in use.

- Your Kolhapuri will mostly last you a good amount of time if handled with care. However with every pair we are giving you a 6 month warranty and if at any point you encounter any problems, since its a handmade product, we will fix it for you free of cost. So just give us a call. 


Remember your Kolhapuri's are a piece of art and have been stitched with love by someone just for you. So love them as much as we loved making them for you. Happy shopping!

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