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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Launch worth the work.......

The non stop work, the missing out on weekends and the having a non existent social life paid off at last. Finally we went ahead with a at home Launch Exhibition. You can see a glimpse of it. To all the people who came to the Launch, a BIG THANK YOU! We loved to have you here. And to all the people who couldn't make it. Well hopefully there will be another chance right.

This time Eid has rushed right up and we didn't even realize with all the work. However it would be great to take a day off. I seriously need it. I am totally not in the mood to work at all. I am not even in the mood to get up from here. Just want to lay down and sleep. zzzzz!

However that can't be. I have a few people coming in to pick up their orders so need to get myself together and stop being so lazy.

I don't know sometimes all this seems to unreal to me that a lazy person like me has gotten this far. However all the lovely people and their comments give me a kick start to get back into action. If it wasnt for all you fans I would have left everything and slept or would have been glued to the TV. =)

EID MUBARAK to all our readers!!! Have a lovely Eid and have the best of time with your family and friends!!

The pair I got for myself...... ;)

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