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Sunday, November 7, 2010

So what......its all good.....=)

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 Okay so our Launch exhibition didn't happen. Let alone getting a good response or a flop response, we didn't even get to the response bit. I've been sending out texts, answering emails and phone calls and letting people know that the Launch has been postponed to another day. A day that we will be running after from tomorrow. Going to places and looking for bookings and empty slots for the Launch day as it is after all the Eid and Shaadi season. Okay so me and F have to share our views about this whole episode where exactly on the day of our BIG launch the city goes on a complete shut down strike.

Hera K: The best part about life is that its unpredictable. I love Karachi and love the life that it has to it. It never sleeps. And though people would think after this whole incident I would not be liking Karachi but infact I still love my city!! So what if a hurdle came in the way of the Launch. It doesnt mean the journey has come to a stop. There will be dead ends and there will be mazes in this journey. Thats why I love being in this unpredictable life and this city. I love to think up of plan B's and the craziness that every plan brings along with it. Life goes on.....

F: Whatever happens, happens for a reason. The Launch not happening right now means something. What does it mean? It means more time to make more stuff, and maybe better stuff. We a little more time to create newer pieces. It was meant to happen this way and anything that happens always happens for the best. We are still just as excited!

And also Zil Hajj(
Dhul Hijjah) Chand Mubarak to all our readers. Eid will be coming soon =)


poisson said...

arghhhh i wrote two long comments and blogger at them both the times!!
to sum it up I said I love your optimism! Keep spreading and being positive and InshaAllah, everything will turn out for the bestest! :) And as I mentioned earlier, check out PGCA (port grand culture and arts http://www.portgrand.com/art%20lane/15-10-10/main/main.html) for your exhibition! All the best!

Maryam said...

I agree, I love the optimism, although I'm not much of an optimist. Best of luck to both for your launch, its going to be fabulous Inshallah =)

hera k said...

Poisson: Blogger can be at times annoying. Thank you =) and yeah I did email the PGCA people. Waiting for their reply. Lets see maybe they do reply in a day or two.

Maryam: Thank youuu!

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