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Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to order "handmade.fabulous.fancified" goodies?

This is a "frequently asked questions" post that we are writing for all the people who want to know the process of how to get products from "handmade.fabulous.fancified.". Basically we do not have an outlet and currently we are just operating through online orders so here is the entire process:

Firstly if you have come to our page on Facebook or Offstreet or dropped by here at the blog then the first thing you need to do is to select the items you want from us and save those pictures in a folder. Once you have saved the pictures then its time to send us an email at handmade.fabulous.fancified@gmail.com (our brand email id) and in the email you need to attach the pictures that you have saved of the things you want. Also write to us your shoe size if you are ordering Kolhapuris and leave a contact number if possible so we can get in touch with you to confirm the order as alot of people do not follow up to their emails so then the orders remain pending and if we do not have a number to confirm your order then we will have to keep your order in the pending list which means it will not reach to step 2, that is making the items you have ordered. So step 1 is complete!

Once we receive your email we will reply asap and send you a text for confirming your order and also let you know which of the items can be made depending on our stocks, and we will then start working on your order. Step 2 is us working on your order (the exciting part for you and us) =)

Now comes the last step which is when your order is complete we will ask you to collect it from us or it will be sent to you by courier if you are not living in Karachi. Karachites can pick up their order from the address provided to them and pay in cash on the collection of their order. Meanwhile if you are not in Karachi even then, no worries, as when we contact you that your order is complete you can simply transfer the money in our account or you can send a money order. Both ways are possible and as soon as we receive your payment we will courier the items. However for courier services add an additional Rs. 150- (or more depending on the amount of things you order) to your grand total and that will be a part of the payment you make to us.

Hope the instructions are simple and easy to follow for all our lovely fans! We love handmade things and we want you to love them too! Order one and you'll see how much you love it!

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