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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It was a crazy Spring shoot!

It had been so long since I had made a new Kolhapuri. Not that I wasn't making Kolhapuris, I was at them the whole day. However that was the completing the orders phase. Now that we are done with that phase it was time to bring in Spring 2011. So here comes the first of the lot......the "Spring Blossom."

It had been so long since we had actually gone out and shot in daylight so this time since F had dropped by and I was just about done with this piece so we though why not! So we got up and got out and got clicking!

However the best part of the photo shoot was that we didn't know what we were clicking. Trust me cause our eyes were so blinded by the sun all we were doing was clicking randomly and laughing our lungs out because we didn't know WHAT we were doing. We would click a picture, look at it, and say NICEEE and then we would just laugh because we didn't know what the picture looked like in all that sun!

Overall a fun shoot and a good start to the Spring collection. Oh and there are lots of new earrings in the house! So all those earring fans, or all those people who like earrings in general......do checkout our Facebook space. 

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