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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Its Sunday!!! Not that I get any Sunday's off! But still its a happy feeling to say this line because I know how important weekends are to people who work like hell throughout the week. Its a blessing! 

Okay we are officially at the end of our list of orders from our Launch, where we had categorized the easiest orders to be made first and then the sort of not so easier ones and then the ultimate time taking ones in the end. Like the one above. All this beading takes time but its still worth it when I see it in the pictures!

I remember when we ended the Launch exhibition after 2 days of displaying the samples we had created, me and F, we looked at our notebook and I screamed!! "WE HAVE MORE ORDERS THAN THE AMOUNT OF SAMPLES WE MADE AND IT TOOK US 2 MONTHS TO MAKE JUST THESE SAMPLES!!"

Okay so now post the exhibition and the day and night work involved in making these orders about 2 months later, we've completed mostly all of the orders except maybe 2 or 3 more Kolhapuri's left. Impressive Hera K! *I can pat myself on the back* 

A huge sorry to all the people who had to wait a bit for their orders because at times things dont go according to our lists and plans. Someone always wants their Kolhapuri urgently due to a wedding coming up or due to going out of town so they are catered to first at times and then also the earring orders which keep on coming by the day. But trust me Kolhapuri buyers there hasn't been a day where we haven't worked on an order. 

I have realized that if my day is in slots it works better. I have my Kolhapuri time and then I have my earring time and then I have my doing nothing time because I love not having anything to do or at least thinking that I don't have anything to do. I love putting blinders to my eyes and thinking that I am as free as I was a year ago at this time. However I don't complain because with all this hard work has come alot of love from people all over the world! I love you guys!!!

P.S my friend S who had left to study abroad is back for a bit so we're all meeting up this noon for lunch. I'm excited to meet the gang after a somewhat 5 month break. Want to share all the happenings and laugh about nothing over lunch!

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