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Monday, January 24, 2011

Spring cleaning my room.......

I finally gave my room a spring clean! Yay! I am happy because it so needed this cleaning up, my room was a drab since our exhibition. Beads, threads, KOLHAPURIS everywhere! I just couldn't find time to clean up things and set them up. Artists are generally messy people, but thats just cause we poor things are so engrossed in our work everything else becomes secondary. 

Hence the past two days, completing 3 orders, my fastest time so far, I also took time out to clean up my room, afterall no wonder its called Spring cleaning. With this new season of accessories I want to make my room new as well. I've been thinking up of colours to paint one of my walls. Its purple at the moment, where as the rest of the 3 are white. However I am so over purple now as its been this way ever since we moved here.

Yellow is one of the colours that keeps popping into my head for some odd reason whenever I look at this wall and imagine the colour that I should choose. Yellow! Its like this teeny weeny voice in the back of my mind. I personally think yellow is sucha happy colour!

Workwise things are going at the speed of light with the new Spring blossom in the list, I am so loving the pretty little thing. MashAllah! I am humbled and totally down on the floor flat and I can't thank the people enough for their love!

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