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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What handmade.fabulous.fancified has taught me.......

There are a lot of things I have learn t in the past few months. As it is they say that the first year in any business that you do is pure learning and that's the only profit you should expect in the first year. However profits aside, I have learn t alot about the dos and donts of designing, publicity, dealing with clients and over all running a brand even if it is just a toddler at the moment.

Last year when I used to make things for cousins and close family and friends, things were alot different. I was more exclusive in the sense that very less people knew about my work and what I do. However it has been my choice and I am happy I chose to take this a step forward and turn my artsy work into a full fledged brand.

So from the point that I took things to a more public level, like creating the blog, then the Facebook group and the Offstreet store and then the Launch exhibition and now to doing preps for another exhibition there are so many things that I've learn't.

I have seen I produce the bestest of work when I am not thinking about numbers, as in profits and loss and everything bad that goes with it. I produce the bestest work when I let go of everything in this world and just think of my Kolhapuri as a canvas that needs colour.

I have seen that things will never go as you plan. All the people who have been following us dearly know that we are a classic example of how at the right time, everything can go wrong.

I have seen that you can make the bestest of friends through a business quite contrary to what I thought when I first entered this business. Right from my first call to an unknown person who liked my work on Offstreet to the people who I have been in touch with from this blog and to the people who have stumbled upon our Facebook group. Such lovely people have been a part of our journey and have become the bestest of friends with me that it makes me feel a fuzzy warmth that our brand is not all business. Its friendship and love!

<3 <3 <3

P.S lately alot of people have made me realize that I am pretty good with photographs. I can choose product photography as an alternate career if ever accessories fail to make me happy.

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