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Monday, August 23, 2010

Autumn is on the way.....

    August is about to end. September will start before we know it. And yeah Autumn is coming. I love it. Spring and autumn I love. Summer and winter are somewhat bearable. Living in Karachi you dont get much of winter or autumn for that matter. But the little of autumn we do get makes me thrilled. 

  Autumn means dull hazy evenings when you feel like life is standing still in the midst of a roller coaster town. Karachi life is hectic and all Karachites would agree. However one look at an autumn evening and the dull sunlight and you are suddenly so relaxed, so calm. Even if you are stranded in the worst of traffic jams, surrounded by loads of work, out with friends, or just at home, that autumn evening creates magic everywhere. You agree?

Since this blog is about my work hence I'll add some images from my collection which I think go with the autumn feel. Its the time when:

-you drape yourself with those beautiful shawls.
- when you take out those light cardigans which aren't much for the cold but you just love their feel.
- when you wear dazzling earrings just because you love the way the autumn evening sun shines on them.
- when you grab that cup of warm tea/coffee sitting at a table out in a patio and smell the winter coming in the air.


Sana Castellano said...

Wow. I love these! Esp. the chappal. Funky! And to think they're hand-made. =)
Where do you get the soles and leather wagera from?

hera k said...

Thank you so much Sana! =) The soles and all I get them from these kolhapuri guy nearby. He get them for me.

ph_the princess said...

I appreciate your work and talent :) *Screams* finally I found my taste here ! LOved the chapal :)
Girl am following you :) thumbs up !

Divaa Divine said...

OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD THE ACCESSORY DESIGNER :D I feel so cool now that i know you hehehe!

and the stuff you have is amazing!! like really amazing - i could kill for bling! yummm yummm stufff - me wants too :(

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hera k said...

Ph_the_princess: Yayy! I'm happy too you found this blog too. Stay around.

Divaa Divine: Hehehe you're making me blush, but thank you for the comment.
And yeah I did check out this site that you gave me. InshAllah will try setting up something there soon. Thank you! =D

Divaa Divine said...

looking forward to makin a purchase :)

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