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Friday, August 20, 2010

Of all things so far.....

You know how they say you cant point out favourites from your children......as every child has his/her special place. I personally think all artists feel that way about their work as well. I do so too. I cant really point out which accessory of mine I loved the most. But since I cant really have a long post of pictures pictures and more pictures I will just share some of the few accessories which got great feedback in general.

These were a part of my very first at home exhibition. I loved them alot. A sneaky part of me wanted to keep them for myself. But then again that part of me wanted to keep ALL the accessories for myself which bascially kills the purpose of exhibition.

These were a part of the second exhibition. I love earrings personally and anywhere I go I need to wear a pair otherwise to me I feel incomplete. Two things are a must have for me and you'll agree too. Earrings and kohl. Love them.

      Earrings however were not the only thing I stuck to. Though they are my first love yet accessories include more usually so I moved on to bangles and kolhapuri chapal. The kolhapuri chapal is a very tradtional South Asian flat sandal which has been going around for ages! So I had to add my personal touch to that and Viola! I was again .........in love! (P.S the blue and orange sandal in the center picture is not a Kolhapuri)

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