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Friday, August 27, 2010

Being creative.....is at times.......not that helpful!

  Okay so I've been going crazy the past few days trying to change the "look" of my blog. I love customizing my spaces. Whether its a room, a workspace, my desktop or this blog for that matter. I want to get the feel that this space has a touch of "me" in it. So after an entire day of searching backgrounds, headers, dividers, etc. I have finally come to this look. Though the header image, in the end, I chose to use my own earring snap but the background belongs to shabbyblogs.com.So for those of you who dropped by in the past 2 days to see the blog it must have been a weird sight looking at this blog change by the click. And for those of you who did not come to this blog during this time.....you were lucky as you were spared the horror of watching this blog shed skins every second!

If you dont like the way the blog is looking right now do let me know. If I have enough people disliking it then it shall change. 

You see thats the problem with being creative. You become indecisive and thats what I have been since a I was a toddler. You cant choose between all the absolutely awesome things in life. Like these backgrounds for example. I just couldnt make up my mind which one looks prettier and better. 

So I got myself a book a few days back. Though I am not an eager reader as I dont read alot of beings. I am a more visual person therefore books which look pretty inspire me =). Yeah I know that sounds odd and foolish but thats just how it is. However this book deals with helping people who are say not-such-great-business-wise and gives them more of a visual guide of how to go about in starting and running a creative business.

Its called "The Creative Entrepreneur" by Lisa Sonora Beam. It deals with how you can inspire and train yourself to thinking not only creatively but on the more strategic business level aswell. But the good part for people like me is that it gives you steps to follow in a more visual manner. So theres less reading and more creating involved. Its a DIY book which involves the concept of art journaling. Quite cool for people like me who dont seem to be motivated without pictures.

My addiction, my work, accessories!

I want to list a few points which should sum up my post as to why being creative at times is tough:

- creativity is an addiction.

- being creative means you will mostly not care about the monetary gains and in return you work more and dont care about how much you get in return.

- you become too engrossed in your work which means there will be alot of sulking people around you who you've ignored or not given enough time to since you were so into your work.


ReeBz said...

Nice blogger template =) you are right when i started blogging i would always stay unsatisfied with my template =D now i have selected one, which i think is beautiful, and in harmony with the thought behinD my blog but still i keep bringing changes in it and infact, frequent changes.

This one is nice and decent, but i would suggest if you make it a bit more girly and colorful.cause you know your blog is all about delicate fashion and is a girl worlD =)

Anonymous said...

I like this blog designs colors ... goes well with the theme of blog :)

as for the points you've written, if creativity leads to business then do ponder over monetary gains too ;-)

Mia Mirza said...

I like this blog layout to. Pretty =)
And girl you are amazingly talented!

ph_the princess said...

I like the new layout it is very unique :) and hey nice book you got there if you are starting up a new business or anything new it is good to have a know how first :)
I like both points specially #1 it is true once you start liking the taste of creativity you work a great deal :)
I would vote in the favor of new look :)

ph_the princess said...

Hey one thing more my mails are not getting delivered to your gmail id :(

hera k said...

Reebz: I know I am still not satisfied with this look but now its getting ridiculous the amount of times I've changed it. I even asked my dad for advice on the look and well he thinks its about time I choose one! =P
I know what you mean with a more delicate look. I was thinking that maybe this background might be a too loud. Lets see in a few days time I might get something girly =D

Asma: Uff Im so bad in the business department. I am really bad at getting money outta people. Its like I do more favors than actually getting paid for my pieces. I need to be more stern now!

Mia: Thank you! =D do keep stopping by....

Ph_the_princess: Thank you for liking the look =D I hope the book is worth it and makes me better in the business department. InshAllah! Oh if you are having trouble with gmail then mail me on my hotmail id.

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