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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The first bracelet! And an event coming up.....

I made my first handmade bracelet today. I'm happy. I wanted to move on to bracelets and anklets soon but somehow wasn't getting the time or ideas. I am in love with this one. Its quite alot like the charm bracelets you find at stores with different stones and beads.

I am addicted to sparkle and bling. Therefore this picture is
dedicated to my love for colourful sparkly and gorgeous accessories.

Okay moving on from this thrill there is another thing coming up soon. A friend of mine called me up to tell me about an auction which is being held by one of the top most art schools in Karachi. I wont disclose names or the venue and time until it is confirmed and all set to happen. The auction is being held to collect money for the flood victims. All the money gathered through it will go for flood relief activities. Many big names will be participating hopefully. The items will include clothes, footwear, accessories, etc. and the good part is......I'm contributing too! InshAllah! However I dont want to get too excited before I know anything for sure. I am happy that atleast I am able to do something with my work for the people who got affected by the worst disaster in history.

    So InshAllah some of these items which are displayed here and alot more of Kolhapuris and jewelry shall be going into the auction. Please pray that the people doing this raise alot of money and it goes to the right place at the right time, because thats what matters the most.


ReeBz said...

Best of luck!

ph_the princess said...

Good luck girl :)
P.S. I have a craze of jewelery specially the type you design I'm glad I am on your blog to see such creative works :) I wana buy them all =p
on serious note I've to get some information from you too :)

Divaa Divine said...

i am going all goo goo gaga !!! mindblowing dear!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck:)
u design fantabulous......i want some of it..where can i get it from?:)

hera k said...

Reebz: Thank you! Pray that the auction actually happens so that atleast I'll be using my skills for something good.

Ph_the_princess: Thank you! I'm happy you love jewelry and my work also. Keep coming back to the blog. It means alot. And if you want any info or a contact number or anything. Drop an email =)

Divaa Divine: Thank you!!! Im thrilled =D

Wordsinvoiced: Thank you for commenting and if you want anything designed for you or you want to pick up any of these then drop an email and I'll get in touch with you. I dont have an outlet so its basically a home based business.

Anonymous said...

all the best with the event .. hoping things will go good :) You'll have great sales too .. I can see from your products .. I myself want to buy so many things :)

I like the cards you've designed too .. imaginative kind of

Mia Mirza said...

Good Luck!!!!
I'm not that into jewelery otherwise I'd have placed a lot of orders! =P
But you can count on me to mention your blog to friends =)

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