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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My paradise......my home!

These picture are not just any images for me. They are my home. I am from this place. This is where my father grew up and my grandfather and his father. They spent their entire lives in these lands. These lands are nearby my small little village in Sindh. Its the most serene and scenic place I've been to. And I've been here alot. Sometimes for months. I love the way life has a whole different feel to it there. Its quiet. So quiet that you can hear the clock tick. Its the best place on earth for us.

And today it cant be seen. All one can see standing at these same place is water for miles. Only a few trees popping their branches out amidst the water. My paradise has drowned.

My heart cried so bad the day water entered my village. We knew we couldnt stop it and there wasnt much we could do to make it go away either. We are just waiting in shock. Its like a bad dream. You want to wake up and turn back time. Turn these lands back into the green fields they were before all of this. However it will all take a long long long time and a very hard wait for us to get things back to normal.

I couldnt have posted anything else as the thought kept bugging me from the day I started my blog that I would hate myself if my blog didnt post anything about this disaster. Not because everyone else is but because I am a part of that land. I am a true Sindhi girl. I cant let me land cry alone. I cant be this shallow.

For all of you who want to donate please please please do get up and play your part and donate. Donate to anyone you trust but please DO donate. We need all the help we can use. And if you dont know where to go about donating there are lots of people out there doing great work. Two of such organizations that I have come across are

-Help in a Box. (http://www.facebook.com/helpinabox)

- Watan Foundation. (http://www.watan.org.pk/)

I am personally collecting money for the people of my village and their rehabilitation. But I would recommend you guys do donate to these foundations or any other that you trust as I am a complete stranger to you guys. May Allah shower His blessings on you for your help! JazakAllah!



ReeBz said...

May Allah give you patience to bear this tragic loss ..Amen

hera k said...

Thank you. Please pray for the people who lost everything. They need it!

Sheza said...

It's so beautiful. So sorry about the loss. The loss that people have suffered are enough to break one's heart.

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